Katy Perry's Fashion Brand Is Now Selling Hamburger Sneakers With Whopping Triple Figure Price Tag

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Yes, as if Katy Perry's ludicrous hamburger dress worn at the Met Gala after party wasn't daft enough, the pop-star's shoe line has released a range of hamburger sneakers so that fans can look just as absurd, without the fame to justify it.

(Source: katyperrycollections.com)

The tasteless sneakers (you're welcome) are available for $129, and have already sold out! The snacky sneakers were promoted on Perry's designer Instagram page, with a photo of the one's worn by the star herself at the Met Gala and the caption: 'We take our #KatyPerryShoes with a side of fries.'

(Source: Instagram @katyperrycollections)

Now, you may have spotted the subtle difference between the pair that Perry herself wore and the ones on sale on her fashion line... yes, one of them is covered in Rhinestones and the other is a more appropriate faux leather. It makes sense that the ones for sale are obviously not the jewel-encrusted ones that Perry herself wore as they would cost a fortune...

But, for me, if I'm gonna wear a pair of hamburger sneakers, well I'd want them to be as ludicrously over the top as possible!

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That's where I think the problem with the shoes is for me (aside from the obvious facts). Perry wore the outfit as a deliberately ludicrous display because she's famous so she can do that!

But, would these shoes have the same effect in a dull leather with an average outfit, instead of being paraded in all their glittering majesty with an eye-wateringly over-the-top full burger dress? Without the dress to match, they just look like something a kid got free for spending TOO much money at Burger King.

(Source: Instagram @katyperrycollections)

However, it shows what I know about youth culture, as the burger boots (I know their sneakers but hey, alliteration!) have sold out on the website and have had fans filling the Instagram comments begging for more to be released...

(Source: Instagram @katyperrycollections)

Fair play to Perry, it's one hell of a marketing move to release the shoes after the colossal amount of traction her bizarre burger outfit got online and in the press!

The burger outfit wasn't the only look that Perry garnered a considerable amount of attention for at the Met Awards though! Before donning her bewitching Moschino burger attire, Perry rocked a Moschino chandelier dress... which begs the question if we'll be getting light up chandelier sneakers next?

(Source: Reddit u/whoreamish)

Fair play to Perry, she really went all out on the outfits at the Met Gala! However, these outfits epitomize so much about what I hate about this 'party', I mean, can you imagine queueing at a bar in that, or even trying to just move around!?

You'd be more a fixture to be looked at than a patron, and if I'm spending this sort of money on a party I would at least want to be able to turn around without knocking over ten drinks and poking people in the eye with one of my bulbs.

I'd also be wearing that for 2 mins before I fell over...

(Source: Independent)

So will you be dashing off to the shops in your boring sneakers to demand some saucy lettuce filled footwear in your life? Let me know in the comments! AAx

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