Kim Kardashian Sparks Outrage After Posting Photo At 'Sanctuary' Where Elephants Are Being Ridden


Social media 'star' Kim Kardashian has caused a hurricane of controversy after her recent tweet showed her at what she described as an 'elephant sanctuary', but people aren't convinced by the ethics of the supposed 'sanctuary'.

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The photo cause people to rightly question what sort of sanctuary would allow people to ride the elephants or tie up the elephants with ropes, pointing to the fact that this was no sanctuary at all as riding elephants is wrong regardless of the context, just like tying them up with ropes.

The images caused even some of Kim Kardashian's devoted fans to point out her glaring mistake. with one user 'Liz J' replying:

"Kim I love you, but please research some of the issues with these so-called sanctuaries! So many people innocently visit these places without knowing how the animals treated!"


Other replies included:

@Racilae - "it sure would be much nicer without a rope around their neck & a man sitting on their head."

@Jessicaat23 - "I love Kim K and she looks incredible here but I’m fuming with this photo."

And the simple to the point statement, "Disgraceful" by @janconwaytwitty

seen to do something is more important than actually

seen to do something is more important than actually

This is also not the first time that Kim Kardashian has been in trouble for this, after this confrontation with Downton Abbey star Peter Egan who described Kim's photos as showing 'ignorance' and 'a lack of care' late last year:

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Elephant's necks are also not even meant to support the weight of humans and so riding them can cause long-term spine problems.

Supporting an elephant sanctuary is a fantastic thing, but you should always do your research, as even if a place is seems to be treating their elephants pleasantly, you should always make sure to be thorough with your research, don't do 'research' like Kim Kardashian, please.

It's truly horrific some of the things that some places calling themselves 'sanctuaries' do to their elephants in order to get tourists to come. Make sure you do thorough research before heading to one if you're thinking of going as there are some that do fantastic work helping these poor beasts and they deserve your support! AAx