Koalas Are Now Functionally Extinct According To Campaigners


According to The Australian Koala Foundation there may be as few as 80, 000 Koalas left in the wild, and while this may sound like a lot, a number this low suggests that the species will be unable to produce a new generation leading some campaigners to dub them 'functionally extinct'.

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'Functionally Extinct' describes a population that is unable to produce a new generation due to breeding pair numbers being so low, as well as the fact that if they did manage to produce a new generation, they would be subject to many genetic diseases due to the small gene pool. As it stands the Koala population is in dire straits; and, unsurprisingly, this has happened due to... yep, you guessed it, nature's favourite life-form shredding machine, humanity.

Deforestation and massive heat waves caused by global warming are the main problems affecting the Koala population according to studies, which lead to this photo being posted by the Sustainable Australia Party:

According to the Australian Koala Foundation's studies, Koalas are now extinct in 41 out of 128 electorate areas in Australia - and only 5 of the electorate areas have more than 5, 000 koalas. The Mail Online also stated that the number of Koalas was around 330, 000 in 2016, but this has dropped a staggering amount to 'as low as 144,000' at present.

Humans mass killing koalas isn't a recent development either. Between 1890 and 1930, as many as 8 million were reportedly shot and shipped to London for their fur, because apparently, we don't want any of these furry little creatures running around...

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I mean, how can we keep letting this sort of thing happen? With Koala numbers so heartbreakingly low something has to be done at a governmental level to help these little creatures from being stomped out by human deforestation and pollution. A heatwave caused by climate change meant that thousands of Koalas died from dehydration last year.

Thankfully the Australian Koala Foundation work tirelessly to help preserve the koala population across Australia.

(Source: Facebook - Australian Koala Foundation)

Deborah Tabart, the chairman of the Australian Koala Foundation made the statement:

'I am calling on the new Prime Minister after the May election to enact the Koala Protection Act which has been written and ready to go since 2016.

The plight of the Koala now falls on his shoulders.'

If the Australian government doesn't take immediate action to help protect the koala population from human interference and the other factors that now threaten their existence then we are very much in risk of losing these wonderful creatures forever.

(Source: Facebook - Australian Koala Foundation)

I freakin' love these little cuddly creatures so much - I mean, who doesn't with their little faces and tiny hands (at this point my voice is so high only certain dogs can hear it)! Hopefully, the Australian Government takes note of the crisis happening to these koalas and acts to preserve one of its national icons!

If your hearts been melted by these little creatures then head over to the Australian Koala Foundation's Facebook page to see more of these adorable creatures and be sure to let me know which ones you think are the absolute cutest in the comments! AAx