Law Student Decides To Dress Up As Spiderman To Collect Diploma And Massively Splits Opinions

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Why though?

The young man is a law graduate too, which is more or less universally seen as a professional and serious career path. I mean how often do you see a lawyer dressed up as a Marvel superhero whilst defending an assault victim in court?

But, nevertheless, he went for it and I'm pretty freakin' glad he did... because it makes for hilarious viewing.

So, despite there being a strict dress code put in place by the university that stated only formal suits and ties only, he snuck out mid-ceremony to spice up his appearance somewhat.

For the love of my life, my mother."

But, you might be wondering, what did everyone else think of the stunt? After all, it's supposed to be a celebration of educational excellence, not some sort of joke.

Romero said there were people who voiced their disapproval through booing as he walked up to receive his diploma. What's more is afterwards, the master of ceremonies reminded the audience of the 'solemnity' of the event. Fair point.



You might be thinking he just means his diploma. But he states that not only was his supportive mother his rock during his years spent studying, she also bought the costume for him too.

(Video Credit: CEN)

So, there you have it.

I can't say i'd do the same thing had I been in his situation but, there is some logical thinking behind it.

It's certainly a controversial way to celebrate and that controversy caused a rift in opinions between other attendees.

One thing's for sure though, it certainly took some cajones to go through with it!

What do you make of Romero's decision?

See the full video below:



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