Lip-Filler Disaster Leaves Woman With Lips Four Times Original Size And Medics Laughing At Her Condition


29-year-old Rachael Knappier's botox horror story is currently being used to warn people of the potential dangers surrounding botox injections after her lips quadrupled in size following a botched procedure.

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The 'procedure' that Rachael had undergone was done at a 'Botox party' which she'd attended with her friends.

Botox parties are a rising trend where a group of people get together for a few drinks, maybe some snacks, oh... and some botulinum toxin (commercially known as Botox) injected straight into your face by non-medical professionals in a non-medical environment. Yes, this is a thing that happens.

Rachael attended one of these botulism poisoning shindigs and had an injection into her lips after one of her friend's told her it would be a good idea. However, the procedure was carried out by a beauty therapist who incorrectly injected the poison into a blood vessel causing the reaction you see in the pictures above. I can literally hear my nan's voice saying 'if your friend jumped off a cliff would you do it too?'

Thankfully Rachael is fine, and appeared on ITV 's This Morning to describe her ordeal as a way to warn people of the dangers of not taking botulism injections seriously:

"I woke up at two in the morning and saw what you see in those pictures. My lips touched my nose. They quadrupled in size. The pressure and burning on my lips was unbelievable."


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Rachael Took rushed to hospital where she said the medical staff were laughing at her appearance:

"They hadn’t seen anything like it before. I’ve turned up to A&E with this huge thing on my face. I’m telling them I’m having an allergic reaction, which is what I thought was happening. Three doctors said I'd actually had the filler injected into my artery."

Thankfully Rachael's lips went down eventually, but she is starting to campaign with the slogan, 'Protect before you inject' which she discussed in an interview with This Morning.

The aim of the movement is to encourage awareness of the potential dangers of having this procedure done by a non-medical professional. She has appeared on several media platforms to encourage governmental reform which would out laws in place so that aesthetic medical treatments can only be performed by qualified professionals.

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There has been a steep rise in procedures being conducted by non-qualified medical professionals in recent years. Also speaking to ITV News, Nora Nugent of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons said:

"Dermal fillers are not prescription items and are not tightly regulated. So we have non-medically trained people - people who do not work in the healthcare field at all - performing these treatments and I think that's simply wrong and dangerous."

at all

Although, with social media being based so heavily upon the 'importance' of 'normal' beauty standards, it's no wonder we have young people willing to risk their health for the sake of adhering to society's standard's of perceived beauty, so maybe we should be treating the problem at its cause?

Would you ever consider letting someone without proper training give you a medical procedure? Let me know in the comments! If you want to find out more about Rachael's movement head over to her Facebook page. AAx