Genius Local Hero Forces Council To Fix Potholes By Painting Massive Cartoon Penises Over Them


Potholes are a real headache! Whether they're damaging your car, tripping you over, or sending you flying over the handlebars of your bike, they're a freakin' nuisance! But, one local hero figured out a way to make his local council take notice...

(Source: Teeside Connected)

The Facebook page Teeside Connected posted the images of the cartoon penises scrawled around the dangerous potholes - which had reportedly been plaguing the road for over a year!

However, once the parody phalluses had been scrawled around them they weren't there much longer as this photo was posted not long after:

(Source: Facebook)

Brad Nicholson posted the photo with a caption which read: 'The power of the Willy. Repaired this morning 25-04-2019. Only been there a year, well done Middlesbrough Council.' The photo inspired such emphatic reactions as 'power of the willy', as well as some less optimistic ones such as, 'Those repairs won't last 6 months.'

A Middlesborough Council spokesperson made this statement:

"Middlesbrough, like all local authority areas in the country, has issues with potholes and repairs are carried out on a priority basis determined by the risk they pose to highway users.

Currently, however, we are carrying out pre-planned works in the Acklam area and staff were able to visit the nearby site on Fane Grove when the matter was reported to us and have patched over the hole."

This is one of the most archetypal response form a governing bodies which is skirting around saying something to the effect of, 'okay, yeah, we fixed the penis holes, but please don't keep painting penises on our roads...' But, quite frankly, if it gets the local council to actually pull their finger out and do something useful for the local residents then I think it's worth it.

This is also not the first time that illustrated ding-a-lings have been employed in an effort to sort potholes; in fact, the artist who goes by 'Wanksy' has been painting peckers onto potholes for years and has gained quite a lot of internet acclaim for his valiant efforts to fix the UK's roads one weiner at a time.

Wanksy describes the honorable purpose behind his work as such on his website:

"Potholes are dangerous. Not only do they wreck vehicles, cause accidents they also injure cyclists and are a danger to pedestrians. I highlight dangerous potholes by turning them into temporary works of art, making them more visible and prompting the council to repair them. The council are not too happy, but all my work is created using non-permanent, chalk based line marker, the same type the council use when doing repairs..."

(Source: Wanksy)

"Do I think my art is offensive? No. I am a qualified artist, the naked body and its anatomy are commonplace in art. Potholes are very hard to see you tend to forget about them until it’s too late. But draw a big yellow willy round it, you can’t help but notice them and hopefully avoid it too, saving the vehicle from damage or the rider from injury."

It's good to see such local heroes finally getting the recognition they deserve! So every time you drive your car over a smooth patch of tarmac covering that pothole you normally swear to yourself about, be thankful that there are people out there doodling dongs over those pesky potholes so that people like you and me can live safer lives.

As someone who lets themselves get wound up by potholes, I love that people are finding ingenious solutions which get the council to finally take more notice! But what do you think? Let me know in the comments if this inspired or disgusted you! AAx