Lottery Winner So Freakin 'Bored' Of Being Rich She May (Heaven Forbid) Get Job


Back in 2013, Jane Park made headlines by becoming the UK's youngest ever EuroMillions millionaire at the age of just 17! But, now Jane is apparently 'bored' of having too much money and no responsibility so is thinking of getting a 'job'.

(Source: Instagram)

Poor Jane took to twitter the other day to undermine everyone who has to work for a living and tweet her lucrative, self-satisfying misery as such:

"Me n Chloe r that bored with our life’s n doing nothing all day were considering getting jobs  howling man imagine us two behind a bar."

Unlucky Million-pound winner Jane has pioneered the plight of people who, and I can't stress this enough, won a million pounds on British Breakfast show This Morning

Unlucky Million-pound winner Jane has pioneered the plight of people who, and I can't stress this enough, won a million pounds on British Breakfast show This Morning

(Source: LadBible)

Now, as fair as that point about investing may seem, it's not as though she can't do those things now! All she has to do is stop posting photos on Instagram flaunting her wealth for five minutes and start looking into investment options; everyone would blow a load of money if they had a million pounds at 17, that's perfectly natural!

But, judging by the fact that she still hasn't got a job, I'm assuming she still has a fair whack of cash, so it's not too late to invest, so stop freakin' banging on about it!



Now, I've read some nonsense in my time but I simply cannot sanction the magnitude, and frequency, of such a level of crass, hurricane-force nonsense as being spouted by this lamenting millionaire.

Yes, there would be a bit of a challenge about dealing with the shift in your life initially, but that would be rapidly overshadowed by the fact that you now are set for freakin' life!

And I don't mean you can just sit there and do nothing for the rest of your life, which is what Jane has done (and which some people may choose to do, that's their prerogative); but, the money can be used to allow you the agency to pursue your dreams!

If Jane has gotten herself into a situation where she is 'bored' with the money, then it's frankly wasted on her and she should find either a cause to help or a dream to accomplish to make the money worthwhile. It requires such a brain-meltingly stupendous lack of imagination and general common sense to allow yourself to become 'bored' with that much agency in life... I despair of the world.


And yes, I'm sure she's doing it to get attention and I've played right into her hands which exemplifies the fact that she is doing nothing more than abusing a society which praises a false sense of extravagance and excess.

Think of the real-world effects that a charity could do with that money which 'bores' her, or what a struggling family could do with a mere fraction of that money. Jane has done some charity work previously in fairness to her, but if she's 'bored', why stop, more can always be done?

At the end of the day though, it's her money. If she wants to moan about how having so much money makes her miserable (because it's a real pain that she can go out with her friends whenever and wherever she wants)  while thousands are homeless and hungry, then I guess that's up to her.

What do you make of Jane's story, do you sympathize with her? Or can you think of any world-changing good she could contribute towards with the money that makes her miserable? Let me know in the comments! AAx