Lottery Winner So Freakin 'Bored' Of Being Rich She May (Heaven Forbid) Get Job

Lottery Winner So Freakin ‘Bored’ Of Being Rich She May (Heaven Forbid) Get Job

Lottery Winner So Freakin ‘Bored’ Of Being Rich She May (Heaven Forbid) Get Job

    Back in 2013, Jane Park made headlines by becoming the UK’s youngest ever EuroMillions millionaire at the age of just 17! But, now Jane is apparently ‘bored’ of having too much money and no responsibility so is thinking of getting a ‘job’.

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    Poor Jane took to twitter the other day to undermine everyone who has to work for a living and tweet her lucrative, self-satisfying misery as such:

    “Me n Chloe r that bored with our life’s n doing nothing all day were considering getting jobs […] howling man imagine us two behind a bar.”

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    Unlucky Million-pound winner Jane has pioneered the plight of people who, and I can’t stress this enough, won a million pounds on British Breakfast show This Morning where she reportedly told the hosts, “I suppose now that I’m a bit older, it’s a bit better. But it’s been a twisted fairy-tale […] “I was overly excited, I thought I was rich and famous. You have got to invest it; you have got to be wise. But at 17, that was a lot to think about.”

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    Now, as fair as that point about investing may seem, it’s not as though she can’t do those things now! All she has to do is stop posting photos on Instagram flaunting her wealth for five minutes and start looking into investment options; everyone would blow a load of money if they had a million pounds at 17, that’s perfectly natural!

    But, judging by the fact that she still hasn’t got a job, I’m assuming she still has a fair whack of cash, so it’s not too late to invest, so stop freakin’ banging on about it!

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    This also isn’t the first time that Jane has been in the press bemoaning her immense fortune to a world of people most of whom have to work immensely stressful and hard jobs to survive. In fact, Jane hit headlines again back in 2018 when she was offering £60, 000 per year to the man who was willing to date her. She apparently did this because, and I say this with no tint of irony whatsoever, “She is willing to pay the right price for someone loyal.”

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    Now, I’ve read some nonsense in my time but I simply cannot sanction the magnitude, and frequency, of such a level of crass, hurricane-force nonsense as being spouted by this lamenting millionaire.