Man Finds His Dog Homeless On The Street After 3 Years Of Searching For Him

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"It looks so much like him, can you see him?" he asks.

Then, as he gets closer he begins to realise that it is in fact Jorge. What are the chances after all this time!?

Giorgi begins to shout his name before saying: "Can you see him? Here. At the base of the tree. Jorge? Jorge it is you!"

As soon as the dog turns around, it instantly recognises its owner even after 3 years apart and cannot contain its excitement.

Giorgi goes on to say: "Aww sweet boy, how are you boy. What is it? What do you want? Sweet boy."

Jorge begins to whine and bark in excitement and overwhelming emotion. A beautiful moment to see.

If you've noticed the little yellow tag on Jorge's ear and you're wondering what it is, well... it symbolises that he's a stray but has been taken in by the local authorities, vaccinated and declared safe to be around before being released. It would be nice if these dogs had some sort of shelter or home to live in when found, so that families have the opportunity to adopt them again, don't you think?

As the video continues, Giorgi explains to the shopkeeper "He's been lost for three years!". At this point he is understandably overcome by emotion and happiness.

(Video Credit: Temo Paghava)

He asks the shopkeeper to take a photo of the pair of them as they share a warm embrace.

What a wonderful story. Good on the man for never giving up!

Let's hope these two are never separated again as they clearly love each other a lot!

What do you make of it Acidheads?




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