Man Starts 'Mansplaining' About Periods And Tampons To Women On The Internet, Gets Destroyed Immediately


Mansplaining. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't - but if you happen to be a woman, then odds are you have 100% been on the receiving end of it, whether you realized it or not.

literally never experience! 

The term 'mansplaining' has certainly become a more staple part of our modern day societal vocabulary over the past couple of years, especially since pretty much every woman on Earth has experienced it (against her will) at some point or stage in her life.

We can only hope that as it becomes less accepted and easier to recognize (this handy chart is helpful)... in other words hopefully soon guys will actually stop assuming they have superior knowledge because of what they have dangling between their freakin' legs!


Well, @aisghair clearly felt the same way, as she presented the offending screenshot with a simple caption.

The tweet has since blown up, with thousands of people expressing their disbelief at the mansplainers’ lack of empathy, self-awareness and basic knowledge. 9 periods per year? What, do they pause for the holidays? And what about toxic shock syndrome?

Those tampons need to be changed regularly if his hypothetical woman isn’t gonna end up dead. The basic spelling and grammar mistakes kinda give an insight into the intelligence of the man.

“I’ve noticed this phenomenon with people who have never experienced oppression (not just men – white people, straight people, cis people etc). They think that their lack of experience makes them more qualified to speak on certain issu

Obviously, people were pretty quick to quickly scorn the "logic" of this mansplainer, and gave him the true dressing down he deserves! We can only hope that he see's the responses to his posts and actually learns to take some lessons away from them! We aren't, however, holding our collective breathe.

@aisghair  certainly hopes so too. She herself commented on the experience by saying:


As you can probably imagine, many people are against this fact, due to the fact that menstruation is biological and... well, feminine hygiene isn't exactly a choice really, is it? If it was, I certainly wouldn't freakin' choose to go through it! Because the vast majority of consumers who use feminine hygiene products are women... the increased cost is seen as something that is super discriminatory against women. Obviously.

Unsurprisingly, Canada actually scrapped taxes on feminine hygiene products way back in 2015, because it's Canada and Canada is amazing. This was because of an online petition which successfully lobbied for change.

Many other governments are now feeling the pressure to follow in Canada's glorious footsteps - something which women across the globe have been fighting for, for many years.


Have you ever experienced an infrrable moment of mansplaining? Want to share it with me? Then feel free to in the comments section! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family so they can laugh (and cry) along with us all! x