Man Treats Special Needs Homeless Dog By Buying Her Everything She Touches In The Store


Have you ever heard the name Rocky Kanaka? Well if you haven't, you'll forever remember it from this moment on. You see, Rocky Kanaka is a TV host who has made it his mission in life to help as many dogs in need as much as he possibly can.

'Dog's Day Out' 

Freddie Mercury

Back in February 2019, Rocky took it upon himself to take a sweet little shelter dog to the store and bought him every single thing he touched. The video soon went viral for very obvious reasons and amazingly led t the dog eventually being adopted. The video was SO successful in fact, that Rocky decided he wanted to go ahead and shoot a sequel.


At the beginning of the video, Rocky shared little Freddie’s truly heartbreaking story.

You see, Freddie was tragically found in a pile of trash, and she had multiple broken bones and was severely malnourished. She also had only two sets of teeth, which made it incredibly difficult for her to eat. Her amazing rescuers rushed Freddie to the vet, where she had surgery. Then, the rescue group, which is named Marley’s Mutts took her in.

The rescue group then placed little Freddie with a foster mom named Angela. Angela fell in love with Freddie (I mean, let's be honest, who wouldn't fall in love with this little sweetheart?) and decided to officially adopt her. Hurray!

“When I see a dog like Freddie and how hard she fought to survive, I feel like she should be taken out for the best day ever,”

Rocky himself was so, so incredibly moved by Freddie’s story, that he decided to take Freddie and Angela on a shopping spree to celebrate her getting a new home, 100% his treat.

Rocky also decided that the first thing Freddie should pick out was her own doggy bed, and Angela was more than happy to oblige. He put three choices on the floor in front of the precious pooch, and Freddie immediately gravitated towards a tiny bed that looked a little like her.

No, I'm not crying... YOU'RE crying.

Okay yes, I'm also crying so what?


Anywhoo, since Little Freddie already had her own comfy, loving home, Rocky decided to also bring along a shelter dog named Bosco to shop with them, in hope, it could help Bosco be adopted too. Freddie and Bosco worked together in order to decide what to buy... and it. is. amazing.



At one point, (possibly my favorite point of the whole video, in fact) Rocky had even let Bosco pick a bowl out for Freddie. He put three bowls on the ground in front of him and let Bosco pick the one that spoke to him most...

He chose a pretty pink bowl, and Freddie absolutely LOVED it!

Just look at her little face!

After all of that shopping, Bosco and Freddie were naturally hungry... and tired! Just like most of us would be after such a hectic and fun day of shopping, am I right!? So, for a super special treat, Rocky bought them both puppuccinos. Freddie loved hers!

And the pièce de résistance, to finish up their fun fun day out, Rocky then took Big ole Bosco and Teeny Weeny Freddie out to the park. These dogs must have thought they had died and gone to Heaven! They both had a really great time running around and enjoying the fresh air on that lovely day.

It's clear that Rocky had gone above and beyond in order to complete his mission of giving these two very good boys (well, one good boy, one good girl) the absolute best day ever!

Freddie is an incredibly sweet little dog who has been through so, SO much but still has a smile on her face at all times. She is truly inspirational to me, and I'm sure to many other millions of people all over this world.

If you want to see Freddie’s best day out ever for yourself, then you can check out the video below! Even better, if you want to see even more cute photos of Freddie, (and I know you do!) then you can check out her Instagram page.


Has little Freddie and Big Bosco inspired you today? Have you heard of Rocky and his show before? Because I am definitely going to become a regular viewer now! Have you ever adopted a shelter dog? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to share Freddie and Bosco's story with your friends and family to help them feel a little inspired this week! x