Man Who Was Bullied In High School Shares Apology Message From His Former Bully

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Since sharing the post, Mina has been inundated with responses from people who say that they would love their former bullies to follow suit. Others responded to say that they had received similar messages from people who picked on them in the past.

Mina thanked the former bully for his apology, and the pair struck up a conversation, with Mina asking what it was that had prompted the message after all this time.

"He told me that it'd been weighing on his conscience for a while," Mina explained. "And that he'd wished he'd apologized sooner and that even though he can't undo his actions or their impact on me, that he hopes that owning up to his actions and this apology and will help me heal"

Some would say that the easing of his conscience was more of a motivation than Mina's well-being and healing, but Mina was happy to let that pass.

"He also said he was thankful that I accepted his apology after all these years, and that he's always open to chat more if I'd like to."

I think we can all take a leaf out of Mina's book and try to start 2019 as positively as he has.

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