20 Married Women Share What They Want Their Single Friends To Know


1.) "If I vent to you about my spouse, I'm just trying to get things off my chest. I don't need you to bash him, question why I'm with him, say I can do better, or suggest a divorce." - Jacki Demchak, Facebook

Married couples spend basically all of their time together in close proximity, you are obviously going to argue and get on each other's nerves. But, single friends, that doesn't mean that your married friend needs to leave her husband!

2.) "If you tell me a secret, I'm absolutely telling my spouse. He won't tell anyone or judge you...but he's going to hear it." - mrsh810

Yeah...married women simply HAVE to tell their husband everything, he is her best friend after all! Thankfully, husbands are great at keeping secrets, mainly because they probably aren't even listening half the time...

3.)  "I still want to hear about your Tinder matches, first dates, and one night stands."

Even though your lives may be very different, your married friends STILL want to hear about all of your scandals and romances! They still care and they are married, not dead!

4.) "When I say I have to check with my husband before agreeing to plans with you, I'm not 'asking his permission.'" - ashleyr47e7361e8

Marriage is built on trust and communication, so when your married friend checks with her husband, she is doing it out of respect, not because she is being controlled! She would expect him to do the same for her.

5.) "Marriage doesn't guarantee 100% of the understanding and emotional support we need. We still need our friends." - katelynf

Don't stop inviting your married friend just because she has a husband now, she still needs you in her life just as much! Never underestimate the importance of friendship.

6.) "Just because we're married doesn't mean we want to have kids. So please stop asking us when we're going to." - jflorez

Not every married couple goes down the same path and it's unfair to assume that your friend is definitely having kids and IMMEDIATELY!

7.) "You don't have to get married. Some people make the choice to do so, and some don't" - katiet4154d083c

There's no rush into marrying someone and you might not even ever want to marry. Just because your friend is married doesn't mean that there's any pressure for you to, take your time or you will regret it!

8.) "Feel free to call me out when I say 'my husband' over and over instead of using his name." - noodle13

Married women really don't mean to do this on purpose and they KNOW just how annoying it is! So, single friends, please do pull them up on it, it's a habit that they hate too!

9.) "Please stop bringing your one-night stands around. If we hit it off but you two don't, I'll be torn." - jenr467bb33c8

This isn't fair! Your married friend might love your one night stand and get on really well. So, don't go breaking their heart and say that you aren't interested!

10.) "Sometimes I'm insanely jealous of your independence, clean home, and alone time. At times, taking care of a husband, a child, and myself drives me insane." - smrtblonde77

When you're married it can be hard finding and enjoying some alone time. So, appreciate and enjoy your quiet evenings alone when you're single, you will miss them when you get married!

11.) "Yes, I know my husband's weird. I am, too! We like being weird together. It's our 'love language!'" - carolineb46ede5184

When you're married things can get a little...weird. You almost talk in your own language and forget to drop the weird names you call each other in public. Sorry single friends, you'll have to put up with it!

12.) "I love you, but I love my husband more. And he will ultimately come first." —s45e254cc2

It is hard to hear but it's the tough truth. Your friend has married her best friend and love of her life, he is always going to be her priority, you need to understand that and respect it.

13.) "If you invite me to hang out spur of the moment, and I say I already have plans with my husband, DON'T try to guilt me by saying that I see him all the time. When you have kids, date nights are rare and cherished." —brandyn43314eea1

Never try and make your married friend cancel her date night, they are rare and married couples NEED their date nights to keep the romance alive. Don't try and guilt her or you will just push her away.

14.) "That getting married didn't change who we are."

Just because your friend has got married doesn't mean that she is suddenly a completely different person. She is exactly the same, just a bit more legally bound to her partner than she was before!

15.) "The single people in my life think I have it all and that they're somehow missing out on this great adventure. I always stress to them that they should focus on themselves while they can" —woodash

When you're married, everything is a joint adventure, so, try focusing on your own personal adventures while your single and enjoy it for as long as possible!

16.) "Feel free to sit between us at social events. Just because we are married doesn't mean we can't ever be apart." —lauraelizabethr

Your married friend doesn't need to be next to her husband AT ALL TIMES. You won't cause the end of the world if you happened to sit between them.

17.) "I still want to hang out and I won't always bring my husband. We can still have girls' nights!" - d4e6f0587e

Girls nights are still of vital importance to your married friend, so make sure that you still invite her! And no, she won't bring her husband along either.

18.) "Marriage doesn't always mean more sex, just that now when we do it, it's more meaningful for us. Don't think we are in a rut just because we aren't getting it on all the time." —shelbys43e41d384

Your married friend probably isn't getting it on every single day so you don't need to be jealous. However, don't judge her if they don't do it much either, it just means a lot more when they do.

19.) "If you think your friend is in a bad marriage but they won't listen to you, do not abandon them. If they ever do leave their spouse, they'll need a support system." —laurae486e9cb98

It can be frustrating to see your friend in a bad marriage that you know they need to get out of. However, be patient with them! They need to realise that it's time to get out themselves and you need to still be there for them when they do.

20.) "Sometimes it's easy for us to get wrapped up in the lives we're trying to create with our spouses. But we haven't forgotten you." - rnuman825

Building a life with their husband is probably all your friend is thinking about most of the time. However, they still love you to bits, they are just wrapped up in their own life for now, be patient with them!

I hope this has helped single and married friends understand each other better...do you agree with the points? Let us know in the comments!