Men's Lace Shorts Are Here To Keep You Cool This Summer... In The LEAST Cool Way Possible


Hologram City is an L.A. clothing brand whose latest line of men's summery lace shirts and shorts have been diving the internet between hating them, and really hating them.

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Los Angeles company Hologram City have surprisingly not been banished from the planet despite creating these abominable lace mens shorts and shirts in the worst fashion move since Achilles said, 'I don't like these ankle guards, they make my thighs look fat.'

Yes, they are so unanimously hated that even the models in the promo photos look like they want to be doing literally anything else... but hey I guess you've got to make a living somehow!

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If sadness were manifested in clothing, this would be it. And if you're wondering how much one of these ensembles will cost you then prepare to have your hitched up white sport socks and Reebok classic leather white trainers popped off, as the shorts will cost you $42 and the shirt will cost you a further $42! 

That gives the full ensemble a cool total of $84, I'm aware that most people had reached that number themselves but I thought it important to really hammer home how much it would cost you to look an un-ironic prat.

If you're thinking, 'you know what, I think that actually I might be able to pull that off, it's so bad it's actually quite cool,' then remove yourself from this website, find a mirror and look real hard into it and reconsider the type of person you want to be in this life, as currently, you're massively freakin' underperforming.

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I mean, it just has to be a joke right? Although, we thought that about those terrible immensely tight shirts that men wear to definitely not overcompensate for have a sense of masculinity frailer than a baby bird with a calcium deficiency, and now they're all the rage! 

If you're looking at those lace shorts and thinking, 'I'm kind of liking the vibe, but not sure if they're just extra enough, tell me... do they happen to have, say, a poncho in the same style?' Then the answer is a staggering yes!

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Forgive me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a mesh poncho defeat the purpose of a poncho? What is the purpose of this? And don't you dare say 'fashion' otherwise the ghost of Coco Chanel will come to your house and fire you from a cannon into the sun.

Pictured below: the Hologram City soccer crop top modelled by a poor man so shocked at how bad he looks that the eyebrows just popped right off the top of his head.

Although, if you're still not convinced by the poncho or the shorts and shirt but are looking to get your lace fix, then look no further than the yellow lace crop top from Hologram City...

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If this had been designed to be a joke then it would have been the most amazing marketing campaign! 

However, when you look at the website and realize that all of the clothing on there is just as toe-curling-ly hideous it becomes apparent that these are real clothes that they really expect people to buy... and you know what, people probably freakin' will!

Pictured below: Hologram City's lace jumpsuit being modelled by a man not earning anywhere near enough for looking that bad

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So are you a fan of the new summer look that everyone's talking about but nobody's wearing? Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below, and be sure to tag a friend that you think could rock this look! AAx