Mischievous African Grey Parrot Keeps Trying To Order Food Items Through Amazon Echo

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Living with his new owner - Sanctuary worker Marion Wischnewski - Rocco has been causing a whole heap of mischief with Alexa serving as his partner in crime. His breed is highly well known for its mimicking skills, meaning he was able to add his preferences to a virtual supermarket list

On his list he's added a whole bunch of things that parrots enjoy, including melons, broccoli and raisins. Oh, and ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream, right?

He's also ordered some pretty random stuff such as a lightbulb and a kite - because, well, why not?

Thankfully, when Rocco shouts these things, he's just adding them to a list, not actually going through the ordering process.

Marion said: "I have to check the shopping list when I come in from work and cancel all the items he's ordered."

It's not just shopping demands that Rocco enjoys giving out, either. He's been known to ask Alexa to play his favourite music - songs by Kings of Leon, to be exact.

"They chat away to each other all day. Often, I come in and there's music playing," Marion added.

Although it might seem like Rocco is being naughty, he's just repeating things he's heard others say - he's just glad he has Alexa there to listen! WE wish Rocco all the bests for the future.

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