Model Blows $54K On Butt Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian


Love or loathe the Kardashian's, they've got an undeniably MASSIVE influence on the youth of today. Whether you think the family are harmless entertainment to the public or you believe they epitomize everything that is wrong with the world, one thing can be agreed upon, some of their fans take it WAY TOO FREAKIN' FAR!

The case in point is this young lady. She's a Brazillian, Versace model who has recently undergone her 25th surgery. 

This latest surgery carried a price tag of a mere $54k... *ouch* 

If I were to make an investment like that I'd be hoping for at least some practical use...

But NOPE. This young woman is only interested in looking more like Kim Kardashian. 

Fair enough, Kim has an ample backside and some may even find it enviable... but $54k's worth of envy??? 

I think not...

(Source: Caters via LadBible)

Jennifer Pamplona is just 26 and underwent the procedure that necessitated having needles pushed into her butt to stimulate collagen production, thus lifting and plumping her buttocks...

Oh, honey... is it really worth it?  

400 tiny PDO (polydioxanone) threads injected were injected into each of this poor woman's bum cheeks. 

Why not just sit on a cactus, love? Surely it would have the same effect. Surely?! 

(Source: Caters via LadBible)

Who was the brave soul shoving a medical porcupine into this poor woman's a**, you may well ask! 

Well, his name is Dr Bulent Cihantimur and he took the liberty of stabbing this ladies rear repeatedly until it ballooned to a Hollywood appropriate amount of swollen.

The procedure apparently makes the bum look 'perkier', which is handy. Because the only other way of making ones rear look perkier is exercise and I'd much rather spend $54K on butt daggers than do a couple of squats... 

Even I don't know if that was sarcasm or not...

(Source: Caters via LadBible)

This isn't Jennifer's first time making body modifications. In fact, her count currently includes, but is not limited to; 

eight ribs removed, two breast augmentation surgeries, rhinoplasties, liposuction, fillers, and veneers!

Jennifer's surgeries have currently accumulated a total cost of... wait for it... $624, 000! Yes, over half a million dollars!

Now, call me narrow-minded or selfish if you like, but I can think of hundreds of better causes that would benefit from that kind of money instead of using it to try and look more like someone else.

(Source: Instagram)

Jennifer herself had this to say of the big needle butt operation (which I have decided to term it):

'It has changed my butt a lot, I woke-up and it's almost up to my neck, my friends are amazed and say it's "insane" [...] It makes me look like I got to the gym every day, when I don't go at all.

Jennifer continued: 'It began after people started comparing me to Kim Kardashian, it wanted to make my butt bigger and better from there [...] I never get tired of the Kim Kardashian comparisons because I love her as a woman.'

For reference, here is a photo of Kim K at the recent Met Gala where she really does resemble Jennifer a HUGE amount...

(Source: LadBible)

Jennifer is planning to start her own Kardashian-esque enterprise, which would see her launching her own cosmetics and chocolate line... because nothing says unachievable-without-being-surgery-obsessed body like a chocolate factory. 

Look, Jennifer is obviously happy with the operation and idolising someone that teaches the world's youth to be uncomfortable in their skin every day and I guess that's fine. Call me old fashioned, but I just don;t think that teaching young girls that the only way to be successful is by injecting four pints of fat into your ass is the only way to become successful as a woman (and yes, Jennifer actually did that).

What do you make of this? Will you be rushing out with your wads of $54,000 to spend on having a guy shove hundred of needles in your butt? I think I'll just keep pretending like I'm gonna go the gym if that's okay with you. AAx