Controversy As Mom Hunts Wildlife With 9-Month-Old Baby Strapped To Her Back


One mother from Ohio has set the internet ablaze for defending her choice to take her young baby with her while she goes hunting for wild animals in an effort to get her to appreciate the outdoors.

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The internet loves nothing more than an ethical argument about someone else's life, and this one has proved to be a real doozy.

Thirty-year-old Rebekah Stephens has been hunting since she was taken by her father aged seven, and she wants to now teach her nine month old how to appreciate the outdoors by carrying the baby on her back while she hunts.

The internet has been split between people defending her right to raise her daughter as she wishes, and others who believe that Stephens should have her baby taken away from her.

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Rebekah uses a bow and arrow to hunt a wide variety of woodland animals, with her largest kill being a whitetail deer weighing over 14st 4Ib. 

Hunting can be, particularly in the current climate, a very controversial past time; however, Rebekah uses as much of the animals as possible in order to provide food, make home decor, and craft clothing. 

While it is fantastic that she is getting her daughter engaged in outdoor activities from a young age, it does raise the question of whether or not it is acceptable for a 9 month old baby to be exposed to violence of any nature considering the impact that early months have on a baby's development. 

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In an interview regarding the controversy, Rebekah ardently defended her position:

'Some people love it, yet others think it is too extreme and dangerous. Some have even wished ill on my life for taking my daughter hunting.

Pictured below: Rebekah's 9 month old daughter in her special hunting gear

'I get quite a few anti-hunters saying things like, 'how would you like it if someone hunted you and your baby' and other things along the lines of, 'how can you teach an innocent baby such horrible things like hunting?

'I try not to let it bother me; it can be tough at times, but strangers online don't know me so really cannot judge me.'

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Rebekah is grateful that her dad took her hunting from a young age as it taught her to love the outdoors. It does make you think though, is there surely not a better way to show your love for the outdoors than killing things? 

However, Rebekah claims that hunting is a way to earn respect:

'There is always much respect in taking a life. If you haven't been in my shoes and lived this lifestyle, you really can't judge what is best.

'I'm also providing food for myself and family. Lastly, money from my hunting license goes towards funding conservation.'

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Regardless of where you stand on this, I really think that wishing ill-health on her is taking this too far! 

However, I can't say that I agree with the idea of allowing a baby to go hunting at such a young age. As amazing as it is to be teaching younger generations about the outdoors would it not be better to teach them how to appreciate the outdoors in a way that doesn't kill animals? 

Humans are already doing enough to kill every single living thing on this planet, so I've got to be honest and say that I don't see what the point in teaching a baby this young the "value of killing".

If you want to teach your kids how to respect the outdoors and be able to provide for themselves then would it not be better to teach them how to farm and grow food? 

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At the end of the day though, it's her daughter and she can raise her any way that she likes. I mean, it's better than raising a kid on iPads and tablets, I guess?

Do you think that Rebekah is right to be taking her daughter out hunting from such a young age, or do you think that it's not appropriate? Let me know in the comments below! AAx