Mom Recreates Red-Carpet Looks For Her Daughter And Its Adorable

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1.) Meghan Markle

Honestly, I can hardly tell the difference with this one! The dress is so well done, it looks exactly like the original. I LOVE that she has drawn the birds on too, it looks so awesome! Alya definitely has a talent for budget red-carpet recreations.

2.) Rita Ora

This mom deserves top marks for creativity here! This is the kind of dress that really would turn heads on the red carpet and it looks so similar to the original. Don’t get me started on how adorable she looks here!

3.) Rihanna

I’m sorry, but this kid has more sass than Rihanna and that’s saying something! I honestly think that Alya’s daughter wore this one better, the plastic makes it much more creative too. Don’t tell Rihanna I said that though.

4.) Vanessa Hudgens

There’s honestly no difference between these two dresses! They both look lovely and even though the second one is on a budget, it still looks just as good.

5.) Lady Gaga

Amazing recreation here. Gaga’s dress was stunning but Alya’s doesn’t look far off it! Honestly, this mom has an incredible talent, she’s showing the rest of us up!

6.) Millie Bobby Brown

Both girls look stunning and I can’t see any difference between their dresses! I would happily wear either of them and Alya’s daughter certainly looks very pleased with this one!

7.) Outfit By Edda Gimnes

I think she’s laughing because she feels slightly crazy wearing this bold outfit. To be honest, they look identical. I’m pretty sure the first one is just coloured paper too? But hey, what do I know? I’m definitely no fashion expert unless fashion is sweats and a jumper with food stains.

8.) Cardi B

Absolutely nailed it! Plus her smile is just as sassy as Cardi B is. She is born to be a powerful woman, you can just see it!

9.) Jennifer Lopez

Who wore it better? Honestly, I can’t decide they are both absolutely killing it. Again, I can’t see any difference between their outfits, Alya’s creativity really does know no bounds.

10.) Naomi Watts

Uncanny. This one is incredibly impressive. I think that I could even recreate this one, would extra large post-it notes work?

11.) Rihanna Returns

Alya and her daughter SOMEHOW make paper look like designer dresses and it completely baffles me. Again, she looks like she could out-sass Rihanna.

12.) Princess Eugenie

Ready for her big day. This one is seamless and I am very impressed! Even the smiles look the same, its getting a bit too similar now.

13.) Julia Roberts

Gosh, this mom can even make TROUSERS out of paper. Her talent really does know no bounds! I wonder how she put these on without ripping them? That’s a talent in itself.

14.) Zendaya

This dress is awesome and they are both killing it! Such a unique idea and it looks boldly creative on both of them.

15.) Runway Model

No offence but this one really does look like a spreadsheet. Super handy if you need to note down your finances or anything! Even though its weird looking, Alya has still created a perfect budget recreation of this spreadsheet dress.

16.) Lady Gaga

Honestly, foil all the way. I might just start to make all of my clothes out of foil from now on. Then all of my clothes would look like awesome red-carpet outfits, right?

17.) Romee Strijd

That fringe though, it’s gorgeous! If she recreated this one out of foil too, I’m very impressed. How did she keep the fringe so straight without crinkling it? She’s definitely magic.

18.) Runway model

These runway models really do wear the strangest things. Very impressive from Alya to create such an exact recreation!

19.) Gigi Hadid

These dresses are literally IDENTICAL. The marker lines on her legs KILL ME its just so brilliant! Red-carpet fashion at a fraction of the price, you just need a good Sharpie!

20.) Rihanna strikes again

How does she get the colours to match so well? It’s a real talent. These dresses are basically the same, Alya has completely nailed this one!

Do you think you could turn your hand at any of these awesome recreations? I know I couldn’t, Alya is incredibly talents and her daughter will be huge in the fashion world! All I know is that the next time I don’t have an outfit, coloured paper and foil are going to be my new best friends.

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