Mom Wraps Christmas Tree In Plastic To Avoid The Hassle Next Year

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Still, there are some plus sides to this. As fun and wholesome as the festive season is, if you're responsible for entertaining family and friends, it can also be a huge pain in the ass. Not only do you need to provide enough food to feed a herd of elephants, but you also have to make sure your house is adequately festive - putting up tinsel, leaving carrots out for Rudolph, and worst of all, wrapping the freakin' Christmas tree.

It really is the biggest pain out of all the decorations. Even if you have an artificial tree that you keep in the attic, decorating can take a good hour or two, and you can expecting a lot of cursing and sore fingers along the way.

Well, a mom named Renae Krivitz may have found a genius (or just plain lazy) workaround. Instead of going through this ordeal every year, has decided to wrap the whole tree in cellophane and stash it away for next year, as shown in this photo she shared on her Facebook:

Not only will this stop dust collecting on the tree, it will also save the family the ordeal of having to decorate it when December rolls back around!

Renae explained to her friends in the comments that this was a roll of plastic that had been left behind by builders, who were using it when they fitted their carpet. It's great that they found a use for it - not only smart, but thrifty and good for the environment too!

I don't know about you guys, but I'll definitely be using this next year. I'm just sorry I didn't think of it already!

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