Mom Has Breakdown After Seeing The Haircuts Her Kids Gave Themselves


It's no secret that being a parent can be somewhat of, er, how do I put this gently? ...a freakin' NIGHTMARE. However, as often as you may feel like pulling your hair out, there are moments of being a parent that makes you glad you decided to take the risk and reproduce. In fact, even more so, sometimes those moments can make you glad you're a parent and make you want to tear your hair out... because life can be "funny" that way. 

How do I know this? Well, this is pretty much exactly what happened recently to one very fortunate (but at the same time, unfortunate) mom who hails from Texas, USA. This mom, whose name is Stephanie Plucknette, was routinely getting ready for her night shift at the hospital - where she works as a nurse - when she went to check in on her three kids whom she had left playing in the backyard. 

Nothing out of the ordinary when you're a busy, working mom, right? Well, what she discovered was something that was out of the ordinary indeed... so much so in fact, that it almost caused her to burst into tears. 

One of her sons had taken it upon himself to give not just himself, but also his brother, and his sister free haircuts, which were courtesy of an electric razor he had found lying around outside. (I mean, just asking for trouble really, isn't it?)

Stephanie, of course, was completely shocked at first - she truly did not know how she should react to the situation at all. Which is er, pretty understandable. 

Of course, she immediately called her husband who, very luckily, was able to calm her down over the phone (husbands can be good like that sometimes).

 “It’s just hair,” he said. “It will grow back.” which, of course, is very true. 

And soon after, Stephanie decided to take a video of each of her kids showing off their brand-new fancy doos... and I gotta tell you, I am so glad she did! And as soon as she began to see the funny side of the situation, Stephanie's amazing reaction has had the entire internet praising her for just how perfectly she handled the situation.

During the short, but absolutely glorious clip, Stephanie herself can actually be seen shedding a couple of tears - maybe from joy, maybe from utter devastation, who knows? - but she's also smiling and laughing about the situation that has unfolded in front of her very eyes. 

“I’m crying because, look,” Stephanie says to the camera.

The camera then pans to two of her children who are now pretty much half bald (or have half a head of hair, if you're an optimist) with merely a few random tufts of hair protruding from their little, naked heads. 

“Teddy got a hold of the buzz cutter…” Stephanie continued. “Do you like your haircut?” she asked her young daughter while forcing a smile. “Why did you let brother do that?”

Ah yes, that great parental question of the ages; "WHY?"

As it turns out, Stephanie had been shaving her dog's fur out in the backyard earlier on that day, and like a lot of parents have done before I'm sure, she made a HUGE snafu... she accidentally forgot to put that darned electric razor away.

And, of course, when the kids stumbled upon it while they were outside playing together, as kids do, they got curious, and just could not resist giving each other haircuts with their newly discovered "toy". Unfortunately, as it turns out, Stephanie's kids are not quite as talented as the professional hairdressers out there are. 

I think it's safe to admit that their new haircuts are both equally as hilarious and a little sad all at the same time. 

And you know, you just can't help but feel for the mom and her three young kids... because I'm sure there are a lot of us out there who have been in very similar positions before, if not the exact same one. However, it will most assuredly make for a GREAT story to tell later on in life, and it is likely everyone will be able to look back on that moment and laugh at just how freakin' ridiculous the kids looked. (Sorry kids, but it's true).

Understandably, the video of the haircuts quickly went viral online and now the entire Internet is laughing at the unfortunate incident as well.

In fact, the entire family was even invited on the Jimmy Kimmel show afterward in order to discuss exactly what went down. It's the kind of story that all parents can completely empathize with because as anyone who has kids knows, childhood is 100% filled with all kinds of "fun adventures" as kids learn all about the world around them... especially when it surrounds what is a good idea and what is a bad idea. this point, I think they can all agree that trying to cut your own hair definitely falls under the bad idea category.

Not to mention the fact that people just cannot stop talking about how great of a mom Stephanie is too, obviously.

Everyone is universally praising her and her husband’s reaction. They didn’t get mad but instead did their best to calm everyone down and tell the kids that everything was going to be okay.

In the end, however, all three kids got fresh... "cool" new buzzcuts, and in the final moments of the video, the two boys can be seen showing them off to the camera, which honestly is just great to see.

“How does my no-hair look?” the one boy asks his mom while smiling.

“It looks great,” Stephanie says, and we as viewers, ESPECIALLY myself, can’t help but smile too.

...I know one thing for sure though. Stephanie will definitely not be leaving electric razors lying around the place ever, ever again. 

You can see the hilarious video for yourselves below!

Well folks, how did that one grab you then? Did it tickle your funny bone a little? Did it make you cringe inwardly or take you back to a time when you lived through something as nightmarish (but as hilarious) like this with your own children!? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this amazing article with all your friends and family too... especially the lucky parents in your life! AAx