Mother Blames 3-Year-Old Son For Murder Of His 6-Week-Old Sister, Though Evidence Suggests She Did It


Halle Marie Murray, a 25-year-old mother from Texas, has been arrested on capital murder charges after blaming the death of her 6-week old daughter Acelyn Lailani Rogers on her 3-year-old son, but autopsy and hospital reports suggest that this was not the case.

(Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Reports indicate that on January 14th, Murray rushed her daughter and her son to Harris Methodist Southwest Hospital and told medical staff there that she had awoken from a nap to find her daughter's lifeless body on the floor next to the bed, and her 3-year-old son standing over the body.

An affidavit written by Detective C. West says that a doctor at the hospital told Detective West that the 6-week old baby had one of 'the worst skull fractures he’d ever seen and that he didn’t believe a 3-year-old could have caused so much damage.'

(Source: Daily mail)

Murray went on to tell police that her 3-year-old was too rough with his little sister and didn't know how to hold her properly, and even suggested that the injury marks on the baby's head match the metal fidget spinner that her son had hold of when she woke up. Murray also arose suspicions when she went back to her apartment before the police could secure it, she told hospital staff it was to drop off her keys amongst other errands. Detective West's statement on the warrant read:

"Halle had access to her apartment prior to officers being able to secure the scene It wasn’t until after she realized her initial story about how the injuries may have happened were questioned, that she gave inconsistent statements as to what she actually did at the apartment prior to officers securing the scene."

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According to reports, forensic interviewers attempted to interview the 3-year-old boy back on January 16th, but had to stop the interview because the interviewers couldn't understand him. God knows what that poor kid has gone through! However, at a later date, the affidavit says that the 3-year-old boy was placed in a room with a doll of similar dimensions to his sister in order to see how he interacts with it. The conclusions drawn from this were that the little boy did not 'demonstrate the dexterity or force to cause the extensive head injuries to Acelyn.'

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Apparently Murray's son is now being kept with a relative after Murray herself was arrested on the charge of capital murder last weekend. Murray herself is currently in Tarrant County Jail with bail set at $250, 000. Evidence would seem pretty strong against Murray, with some reports even stating that an arrest warrant said that 'Murry and her son tested positive for cocaine after Acelyn's death in a screening performed by Child Protective Services.'

It's so awful to hear about something so horrible happening, I can't imagine what would cause someone to not only do this to an innocent baby, but then also to try and blame their other child! What kind of world are we living in? AAx