How Much Do You Know About Alan Partridge?

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Then in 1997 Alan Partridge returned, with a sitcom about his life after being fired from the BBC, where his wife had left him and he lived in a roadside hotel. He no longer had a TV show, and had to work as a Radio presenter on a local Norwich radio station at a time slot barely anyone listened to. The show won the 1998 BAFTA awards for Comedy Performance and Comedy Programme or Series.

After a few specials the character took a break, returning in 2010 for a series of YouTube shorts, where Coogan rediscovered his love for the character. He then went on to make a feature film, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, which opened at number one in the UK and Irish Box offices.


With all that there's a whole wealth of trivia only the truest fans know.

Here's a few bonus facts you can share with fellow fans:

Alan Partridge and his actor Steve Coogan both really love cars. In the show it's mentioned that Alan reads Top Gear, and Steve Coogan has appeared on Top Gear, talking about the cars featured on the show. His autobigraphy includes the quote "Kids like to go to the zoo but the beasts I like to look at are made of zinc galvanised steel - they're cars."

While there isn't a Radio Norwich in real life, there are two Norwich based radio stationed named Radio Norfolk and Norwich 99.9.

His music taste is pretty old fashioned, including ABBA, Wings, Kraftwerk and Soft Cell.  He also enjoys 'rocking out' to Gary Numan and the theme tune of Return of the Saint, a 70's TV show.

Alan's estranged son Fernando is named after the ABBA song Fernando, and his show title Knowing Me, Knowing You, is also from an ABBA song.

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