How Much Do You Remember About 'Bread'?

How Much Do You Remember About ‘Bread’?

How Much Do You Remember About ‘Bread’?

You might remember Bread – the British sitcom which first aired on BBC 1 in 1986. But how much do you remember about what happened in the show? Not sure? Don’t worry, we’ve got a handy quiz for you to test your memory and knowledge!

Set in Thatcher’s Britain, the show follows the antics of the Boswell family, who are trying to navigate life without discernible support. With cliffhangers that would make any soap opera proud and that reliable old cockerel egg basket, Bread was full of charm and deserves the title of an absolute classic.

The fact that the show was a soap and comedy hybrid earned it much popularity, as this was something that hadn’t really been seen before. There were also some killer lines of dialogue that fans of Bread will easily recall – “She is a tart!” immediately springs to mind…

However, it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The Times commented that the first series of Bread “…reinforces the cultural stereotype of the inhabitants of that self-destructive city as a bunch of spongers abusing the welfare state”, although the show was supposed to be a cheerful acknowledgement of how resourceful Liverpudlians living on the dole-line could be. Well, you can’t please everybody!

All of that aside, let’s get back to the quiz. Here’s a fun fact about the show that you might not know to get you started:

Did you know that, whilst it may sound otherwise, the show’s title has nothing to do with a soft and tasty staple food or even a Scouse turn of phrase? In this case, Bread is actually a reference to a Cockney Rhyming Slang expression for the word ‘money’ (i.e. bread and honey).

Of course, you won’t need any dodges or scams to take this quiz (no bread and honey required!), so let’s get to it.