18. Brian May (Queen)

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Credit: Cole Bennetts/Getty Images

Brian May is mostly known for being the lovable grandad of iconic rock band Queen and, second to that, he’s famous for his incredible mane of bright white hair. With that said, what most people don’t know about him is that a career in rock and roll was only his second ambition, after becoming an astrophysicist.

May graduated with honours from London’s Imperial College, with a degree in physics and mathematics. After Queen’s success, he used his fame to publish a book all about the scientific history of the universe, as well as going back to school to complete his PhD in Astrophysics. As for the title, it was called ‘A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud’ – pretty rock and roll, right?

17. Tom Scholz (Boston)

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Credit: Richard Creamer/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Most people become stars when they’re young, which means whatever point in education they are at, their school or college tends to take a backseat. With that said, Tom Scholz had already completed a Master’s degree by the time he founded his band Boston, which helped him out in more ways than he expected.

Because his MA was in mathematical engineering, he had the skills to found his own music technology company, and even design and build his own amps from scratch. The amp he designed is still sold by Dunlop today, and each one still comes with his signature designed into it.

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