17. Tom Scholz (Boston)

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Credit: Richard Creamer/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Most people become stars when they’re young, which means whatever point in education they are at, their school or college tends to take a backseat. With that said, Tom Scholz had already completed a Master’s degree by the time he founded his band Boston, which helped him out in more ways than he expected.

Because his MA was in mathematical engineering, he had the skills to found his own music technology company, and even design and build his own amps from scratch. The amp he designed is still sold by Dunlop today, and each one still comes with his signature designed into it.

16. Simon & Garfunkel (both of them)

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Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for AFI

Like bread and butter or chocolate and strawberries, Simon and Garfunkel are two musicians who obviously belong together. They’ve been an iconic duo for decades (even after their acrimonious 1970 breakup) but both their lives nearly looked very different, mostly because of how smart they were.

The two started writing and performing together when they were only aged 11, and continued to right into their teens. College made them split up though, with one getting a degree in art history and a Master’s in mathematics before returning to music, and the other getting an English degree and attending law school.

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