Nike Faces Ridiculous Backlash After Featuring A Model Sporting Underarm Hair

Nike Faces Ridiculous Backlash After Featuring A Model Sporting Underarm Hair

Nike Faces Ridiculous Backlash After Featuring A Model Sporting Underarm Hair

    Okay, Queens, let’s get real. Women are expected to be hairless as a mole rat from the eyebrows down and I, for one, have had ENOUGH of that RIDICULOUS expectation.

    So when Nike Women featured a model with underarm hair on their Instagram page I was totally down for it! Yes! Women ARE hairy! NO! It’s NOT weird! And YES! They can still rock a big name brand AND smash out some world-class cardio!

    Because guess what? A wispy bushel of hair beneath your arm has absolutely nothing to do with your worth, ability, hygiene or beauty.

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    But unfortunately, the above sentence wasn’t exactly what ran through the minds of most people upon seeing the image.

    For reasons which will probably always evade me, people were absolutely OUTRAGED that this woman had armpit hair. Y’know, that thing men everywhere freely sport and face zero criticism for, y’know, that?!

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    “This is repulsive”

    Fair enough pal, you find hair to be repulsive, I hope you comment this on ALL Instagram posts with even a whiff of hair in the frame. I hope you remind all men and women how REPULSIVE their hair is, all of it.

    Have fun shaving off your brows, waxing your bald scalp and cowering from all hairs everywhere. We salute you, brave soul.

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    Dennis.okay is a special kind of folk…

    They like a “natural” look provided it’s 100% not actually natural. Look, whether you like it or not ARMPIT HAIR IS NATURAL. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t grow. It’s as simple as that.

    You can have your preferences, sure! But when people are actively attacking people with armpit hair, or even just putting them down, we really need to reassess just what they find so offensive;

    Is it that women have hair growing under their armpits in the same way men do? Or is it that a woman is refusing to conform to the narrow as a match stick avenue of beauty ideals? If you ask me, it’s the latter.


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    Yeah! Why doesn’t this have a not safe for work warning?!

    The workplace is known to be a hostile and unaccepting environment for underarm hair!

    Nike, you fools.

    But not everybody in the comments was incensed with rage at being confronted with a woman in a perfectly natural state. In fact, some were kind of happy about it…

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    Too right!

    (the balls are figurative of course)

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    See? Some women clearly like this content!

    It’s completely fine to shave your pits but it’s also perfectly fine to not shave your pits! The problem is the bald-pitted amongst us get WAY more representation than the hairy-ladies!

    If you ask me just live and let live. It’s fine to look either way, so long as you feel FABULOUS.

    I, for one, think this is a great move for inclusivity by Nike! But what do you think? Were you equally enraged or do you think people need to grow the heck up? Let me know! And stay sassy! xox