Your Old Disney DVDs Could Be Worth Over £250, Here’s How To Find Out

We all have our favourite Disney film.

Whether it’s the old classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi or Dumbo, ones from the 90s like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast or (our personal favourite) Aladdin, or more recent ones like Tangled or Frozen, they never fail to fill us with a sense of wonder, excitement and adventure.

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And whilst the films themselves haven’t changed over the years, aside from some technical remastering perhaps, the VHS and DVD packaging has had a number of reinventions. And, as reported by The Sun, owners of some of the older and rarer DVDs may be excited to know that their collection could be worth more than they perhaps realised…

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Below we give you some top tips to assist you in finding out if your personal Disney DVDs are worth a decent amount of money. But first, here are some prime examples of Disney DVDs that you could sell to a collector, or on Ebay, and see a pretty decent return…

‘Walt Disney Treasures: The Chronological Donald’ DVD


This (unused) DVD from the ‘Walt Disney Treasures’ collection featured Donald Duck cartoons from the late 40s and 50s,  and it fetched a whopping $499.99 Canadian Dollars (currently the equivalent of £287.59), with volume 4 also selling recently for a massive £180.

Being in its original packaging obviously adds to the value, as does the fact that it was only released ten years ago but is no longer available for sale. Do you by any chance have it in your collection?


Other ‘Walt Disney Treasures’ DVDs


Other ‘Walt Disney Treasures’ DVDs that have sold for over £100 include ‘Dr Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh’ (heard of it?) which was released in 1964, and ‘Silly Symphonies’.

Do you have either of these tucked away in a box in your loft?


Limited Edition Disney DVDs


A number of Disney films that came in Limited Edition packaging are also fetching a few bob on Ebay, with examples including ‘Disney Sword in the Stone 45th Anniversary Edition’, which has been sold for as much as £50.

DVDs with Disney villains on the cardboard slip cover are also sought after, such as the 101 Dalmations DVD below featuring Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil on the front.


Disney DVD Collections


Don’t have any particularly rare Disney DVDs but have amassed a good collection of the more common ones?

Then fear not, because collections such as this set of 54 Disney DVDs (including the cardboard covers) sold for a rather tidy £200.


Find Out If Your Disney DVDs Are Worth Anything

So what can you do to work out if your Disney DVDs are worth selling? The following tips should get you started off on the right foot:

DVD editions that are out of stock, are no longer available, were released as part of a Limited Edition, or are a over a few decades old, are likely to be the most valuable.

Find out how much your DVD is worth by checking the same (or similar) editions on auction sites such as Ebay. On Ebay you can view items that have actually been sold by filtering for ‘Sold Listings’ (located under ‘Show Only’ on the left hand column). That way you won’t see listings people have put up that have unrealistically high prices.

When checking similar DVD editions, check whether your DVD is in a similar condition to the one being sold. Is it damaged in any way or is it in mint condition?

Note that many high selling Ebay DVDs are in their original packaging, which adds to the value greatly. So well done if you have any Limited Edition Disney DVDs that you have somehow managed to resist opening!

If you do have DVDs that you believe may be worth some money, you may be able to get a higher price by selling them directly to a website that deals in collectibles. Remember that eBay charge a ‘sellers fee’, which is 10% of the sale if you sell up to 50 items a month.