Outrage As Mom Is Caught On Camera Brutally Kicking Her 3YO Model Daughter Who Was Too Tired To Pose


We've all heard of "Pageant Moms", right? Heck, maybe you even are one. Ever since the show Toddlers and Tiaras first hit our screens way back in 2008 (And I have been 100% OBSESSED with it since that day, FYI) we've formed the idea in our head of overzealous, western Moms who will stop at NOTHING in order to make their little Princess number 1.

But what about other parts of the world? Are Moms across the globe just as pushy as we're lead to believe all those Western Moms are when it comes to their little angels? Well, as it turns out, they may be even freakin' worse.

Don't believe me? Well, have you ever heard of the Chinese model Niu Niu? Probably not. But Niu Niu is a 3-year-old girl who is incredibly popular among a vast number of clothing brands currently on China's commerce platform.

She said: "No parent could claim that they have never beaten their child. I rarely beat my child normally."

I mean, when you see an image of the sweet little girl, you can definitely understand why. I mean, just LOOK at that adorable little cherub face!

In the first shocking clip, you can hear Niu Niu's mother shouting;

"I'll kick you to death, do you believe it? pick up the flower right now, don't piss me off during shooting!"

Little Niu Niu has only been working for about six months at this point, and it has been reported that her mother has been overworking her recently.

Now, all of the online stores who were associated with Niu Niu have pulled every single photo and video from their sites after this brutal video surfaced. Not only that, but 110 online stores have now also signed a petition in order to advocate for child model welfare. 

However, people are calling it "all show and no substance" because there are actually no regulations and absolutely no law to enforce it at all.

"they are usually required to complete one shoot within four minutes, or 15 shoots in an hour."


She also says she feels bullied because now clothing stores are refusing to work with her ever again... poor, poor woman!

Which I guess would be kinda believable... if there hadn't been even more footage surfacing online captured by the crew staff who have worked with this mother and daughter duo before. Yep... that's right.

Another piece of footage, which was taken during March 2019 actually shows the Mom verbally threatening her daughter before she hits her repeatedly with a coat hanger. Can you believe it!?

You can see that footage here.

But it doesn't stop there, oh no! Third footage shows that she is coaxing her daughter by saying; "say hello, quick, say hello. Smile for me. Shake your bum, swirl," and little obedient Niu Niu immediately switches her facial expression to 'work mode.'

One shop owner who has worked with her before told BJ news that she has been forced to go along to lots and lots of jobs by her mom, "they are usually required to complete one shoot within four minutes, or 15 shoots in an hour."

Another photographer has also come forward and said that Niu Niu, who at the time worked from 9am to 6pm actually got punched on the back because she was incredibly tired and couldn't keep her little back straight. However... Niu Niu is not the only "model" child who suffers such abuse at the hands of her pushy parents. In fact, her case is sadly very common within the industry.

"There are a lot of pushy moms like this, some even restraint sleeping hours to stop them from growing too tall. They can't be a child model anymore if they're taller than 160cm."

Absolutely shocking.

a child model said he's not cold because he's used to it.

Absolutely shocking.

Even more shockingly, child models are more often than not modeling for spring wear during the bitter months of winter, meaning that they're forced to be out in the cold barely dressed a lot of the time. 

According to chat history, Niu Niu has modeled for over 400 clothing items within 4 days. FOUR. DAYS. Child models can actually earn RMB $5,000 - $10,000 (US$744 - $1400) per day, in fact, the most popular child models can even earn enough to buy a HOUSE within one year.

During an interview, when asked if she actually likes taking photos or wearing fancy clothes, Niu Niu said no, she prefers running. Of course, her Mom said that Niu Niu was 'joking' and those bruises all over her legs were merely a result of her being "clumsy" having and "tripped".

Well folks, are you as outraged as I am? I sure freakin' hope so! Let me know how this article has made you feel in the comments, and don't forget to share this with all your friends and family too! AAx