Parents Leave Their Newborn Baby In The Taxi That Brought Them Back From Hospital


Any parent will tell you it's true. You leave the hospital on cloud nine with your little bundle of joy wrapped up and warm. You're nervous, excited and wondering who the heck put you in charge of this tiny human?! But you're on your way and though you know there will ups and downs ahead you're kind of confident that you go this... until, of course, it turns out you don't got this...

Whether you feel you will never sleep again, never have a properly tidy house or never get the laundry done and purged of baby sick stains, we've all felt a bit scatter-brained and scared when bringing baby back! 

However, others struggle more than most and no case proves that better than a couple from Hamburg who recently left their newborn baby in the very taxi that ferried them back from the hospital! 

The Daily Mail reported that the happy couple had a taxi drive them, their one-year-old child and their newborn baby home after their stay at the hospital. 

They paid for the taxi ride, grabbed their one-year-old and toddled into the house... only to realize they'd forgotten one very important thing...

Their baby

The Daily Mail reported that the couple realized their mistake almost as soon as the taxi left. Those poor parents! They must have been absolutely frazzled from welcoming their newborn into the world! And then fear and panic on top of that?! 

One of the parents (and I sure hope it was the husband, no woman should be running about after childbirth, get the man to do it!) ran after the cab but to no avail! They wouldn't catch the driver's attention and the fretting parents quickly called the police to report the incident.

Given that the little baby was sleeping soundly in the backseat the driver hadn't an inkling that he had a passenger onboard! (getting a free lift and everything! Huh!) 

The driver then stopped for lunch, parking his car in an underground car park. Then he drove to the airport to pick up another passenger. 

Thankfully, the airport passenger noticed the car's extra passenger and pointed the (not inconsiderable!) detail out to the driver who, needless to say, was pretty freakin' stunned!

At this point the poor little goober woke up and began to cry. Though babies are kind of unaware of most things and as such live in a constant state of confusion, the baby still probably felt extra out of sorts considering his mother wasn't there to comfort him. Poor little thing.

Fortunately, the taxi driver got on it right away and informed the police, reporting a missing child. 

The police confirmed that;

"After a brief examination of the child by an ambulance crew, we were able to reunite the happy family and ensure a happy reunion,"

Kidspot reported that the event was a "big shock" for the parents but were sure to follow up by confirming that "A review of the family has confirmed that the children are in good hands!"

Don't you just love a happy ending?! I know I sure do!

It's so lucky that the baby was reunited with his parents. Though it's very funny to report on the poor parents must have been really scared to begin with, I just thank goodness that the baby didn't fall into the wrong hands!

But all's well that ends well and I'm so pleased the little family have been re-united!

Though it might be easy to judge it's worth remembering that child-birth and welcoming a new baby completely scrambles your brain and it's understandable to have a couple of little slip-ups! 

... just try to remember the whereabouts of your baby as much as possible...

Did you have a similarly "d'oh!" moment with your newborn? What advice would you give to new parents? Trying to keep their wits about them? Be sure to let me know in the comments! And remember to share this with your friends and family (especially the more forgetful ones!) AAx