Parents Install CCTV To Stop Son Playing With Himself, Now Son Seeks Legal Action


It can be hard being a parent - that is definitely no secret. And yes, there are right ways and wrong ways to be a parent... the only problem is that the right ways and wrong ways change depending on what kind of parent you are, and what kinda children you have. That's how it seems anyway, especially these days.

I can tell you one thing though... one of the biggest NO NO's when it comes to parenting has to be disrespecting your own children's privacy. And what could possibly be the wildest way to disrespect your child's privacy? Installing CCTV in their bedroom, obviously. But I mean... no parent would be dumb enough to something like that right? ...Right?

Yep, that's right folks, it has happened. And it has happened to a very unfortunate teenage boy who hails from Alaska, after his parents completely an utterly violated his privacy by installing real CCTV cameras IN. HIS. BEDROOM.

And he is now reportedly seeking legal advice due to the reason his parents deemed fit to justify their actions is - now get ready for this one folks, because it is a laugh-RIOT - the reason his parents felt the need to secure security cameras in their son's room is to stop him from playing with himself. A teenage boy!! Can you imagine!?

As you can imagine, the distraught teenager eventually took to Reddit in order to try and find an actual lawyer who would be willing to take up his bizarre privacy case. The currently unnamed Alaskan youngster claims that one day, his Dad mortifyingly burst right into his room while he was having a little "Me Time".

He has also said that after this highly embarrassing moment, his parents called a "family chat", in which they pretty much banned the teen from touching himself EVER again.

...Aaaaand lets all laugh together about that, shall we?

The teenager is now understandably seeking legal advice because he believes that this whole ban situation is completely and utterly against his human rights... and rightly freakin' so! 

“What can I do?” he asked desperately in the subreddit r/legaladvice.

“I’m 15 and think I should be allowed to touch my own body, this is embarrassing and destroys my privacy … Please help.”

He also said that he learned “some things” from the internet because he wasn’t actually allowed in sex education classes.

(Side note, this is EXACTLY what is wrong with America today)

“My dad barged in without knocking and started screaming at me," he wrote. "He and my mom then sat me down and told me I’m not allowed to touch myself."

Hoping to get out of possibly one of the most awkward encounters of his life quickly, the mortified teen agreed to never do it again... and then later discovered an Amazon package in his home which contained indoor security cameras.

“I asked my dad and he said they are putting them in my room and bathroom so they can monitor and make sure I’m not masturbating,” he wrote.

What? WHAT?

His parents basically told him that they will now be checking the cameras each and every darn day in order to make sure that their son "sticks to his word", according to the redditor himself.

“I said that wasn’t OK and he said that I agreed to not masturbate and this is holding me to the agreement,” he wrote.

The Daily Dot actually went ahead and checked on the teen's behalf with Nicholas Bala, who is a family and children's law expert.

Balas said that even adolescents “have some right to privacy,” and that the parents in question would most certainly be seen as out of line in many jurisdictions - if not all of them.

“In almost all jurisdictions there would be a number of offenses involved in video recording a minor engaged in a sexual act, even by himself,” Bala said. “The fact that it is his parents and they own the home would not be a defense.”

Bala also said that the best course of action for the teen to take himself would be to talk with a trusted adult or even his pediatrician - as these would be the people most likely to give the parents a somewhat "educational talk"

Another solution Bala offered is for the teen to call an adolescent helpline... or even Child Protective Services.

Of course, Bala noted that the CPS wouldn't necessarily take the teen away from his parents so-to-speak, especially if they are in fact, good parents who've just had a momentary (yet serious) lapse in judgment.

What would most likely happen is that CPS would instead send a social worker to the teens home in order to talk with the family, in hopes of being able to eventually remedy the situation.

Other redditors from the site also offered the teen some advice, with many of them being concerned for his privacy.

“Regardless of whether or not you’re masturbating (which is completely normal) you need to have a reasonable amount of privacy while you’re using the bathroom and changing,” one redditor replied.

Basically... his parent's need to take a SERIOUS chill pill. A little self-lovin' never hurt anybody! In fact, it pretty much does the exact opposite.

But what do you think, folks? Do you think the parents in the story are completely justified? Or do you feel sorry for the poor youngster who just wants to healthily explore his own body in the privacy of his own bedroom? 

Have you ever gone to such extreme lengths in order to get your kids to stop doing something you didn't want them to do? If you'd like to share, then let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share his with your friends and family too! AAx