People Are Losing Their Minds On Twitter Over The Correct Way To Put A Bra On 


Bras: if you're a woman, chances are you've worn one at least once during your entire life. And whether it was a push-up, underwired, t-shirt, cupless, lace, sports, balconette (you catch my drift, I'm sure) style, chances are you put it on exactly the same way as the rest of us, right? Because surely there's only one freakin' way to put on a bra!?


Bare with me for a second. 

So, no matter who you are, we ALL know how amazing it feels to come home after a loooooong day of being a woman, ripping off that bra the minute you walk through the door and knowing you won't have to put it back on again for at least another 12 hours. Ahhh, heaven.

...but what about when it comes to putting it on? Well, here's where things have gotten completely and absolutely utterly chaotic. 

Women on Twitter have recently sparked a HUGE debate over the correct way of putting a bra and separated into 2 teams. Team 1: clasping the bra in the front and then turning it around and putting your arms in, and Team 2: putting it from the front side and clasping it behind without sight of it.

And it's safe to say, women who are exclusively on Team 2 or as it's also known at this point as the "Red Team" were absolutely AMAZED at the fact that there were actually women out there who clasped their bras at the front before putting them on.

And I gotta say, as a veteran bra wearer, I kinda have to agree. 

I mean, I can't exactly remember how I learned how to put my bra on without being able to see the clasps but... well I mean it's just one of those weird things you wake up and know one day, isn't it?

So the thought that there are actually women out there who can't put a bra on using the "red method" absolutely BOGGLES my mind. BOGGLES it. 

They've clearly been failed by somebody in their life at some point. 

Sure... it can get a little tricky and frustrating, especially if it's an old bra and the clasps have become a little bent over time... or it's a new bra and you haven't quite got that perfect stretch in the back strap yet... but STILL.

It's not like you're wearing a freakin' hula hoop!  You just gotta feel around for the matching clasps! C'mon!

And you know what they say, 'practice makes perfect', after all

And honestly, if I happened to walk in on one of my friends getting dressed (hey, it happens) and I saw her putting her bra on from the front I... well... I'd probably not speak to that friend for a very long time.

Which also makes me think, what made the original poster of the Tweet even think about this in the first place? Did they stumble across that image or did they walk in on an unsuspecting friend!? So many questions. 

It feels like our world has been turned completely upside down with just one single Tweet.

I'm honestly gonna be walking around the town, glancing at women and thinking "I wonder if she is a member of the Blue Team, or the Red Team?" every freakin' day now until the day I damn die. Thanks as always, Twitter.

And if you're used to putting your bra on the "red way" it can actually be easier than looking at the clasps. Putting it on via the front way would probably totally mess me up.

Look I'm not saying I've never put it on the "Blue" way before. I recall having to do so with a particular strapless bra I own because it had like a thousand clasps in order to help it stay up. But I still don't find it "easy".

But then of course, as we now know, there ARE women out there who are on the "Blue Team", and understandably they had something to say about the "Red Teams" method's too. 


Er, hahaha, I mean, each to their own? If it's not broke then why fix it? YOLO? Take your pick. 

Of course, there may actually be real reasons as to why some people have to use the blue method, I suppose. 

Maybe us "Team Redders" take for granted how flexible we all are, to be able to twist our arms around our backs in order to fiddle around with two separate straps and hook them together.

There were some people, however, who were just not having ANY of it, and they soon started coming after the Red Team with full force.

Grown a*s women, THAT'S who! Sociopaths my backside...

I can't help but feel that it might be down to a generational divide? You know what these young ones are like these days, always figuring out ways to "make life easier" for themselves. 

Whereas us more er - matured, generation, as it were -  we just keep a stiff upper lip and work at something no matter how hard it may be until we can do it with our freakin' eyes closed! CAN I GET AN AMEN UP IN HERE?

As I said before, however, we don't all have the same abilities. Not everybody can contort their limbs enough to be able to do it "Team Red" style.

I suppose, at the end of the day, as long as we can put our bras on, isn't that the most important thing? 

We already have so many things in this universe working against us in this world ladies - when it comes to putting on our bras, maybe we should all just agree to er, disagree!? 

Now it's time for YOU to get involved with the debate, ladies. Which team are you on? Are you a proud, skilled member of Team Red? Or are you an easy-living, laid back member of Team Blue? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family so that they can join in on the Great Bra Debate too! AAx