People Are Posting The Greatest Lies They Have Ever Told For Their Own Personal Gain - Here's The 20 Best Ones


We ALL tell lies. Every single one of us. And if you are sat there right now thinking; I have NEVER told a lie, well, congratulations, you just became a liar.

every lie is a bad lie, and sometimes we're put in a situation where we just have

But hey, if you still feel a little bit guilty about it sometimes, don't worry, because let me tell you, you are NOT alone (with the lying thing, that is, not the feeling guilty part... probably) like I said, we all do it... and sometimes it can actually be pretty hilarious.

The Tweets listed below are a great example of this. Some will shock you, some will make you laugh, some will make you cry... but they will all DEFINITELY make you feel like a less terrible person! You're welcome!


Well, I... I'm not sure where to start with this one. I know I've certainly had my "brave" moments of "self-possession" though.


Okay well if you say you've never lied in order to get a job before you are 100% lying. Which means you're a double lier. Which means we'd probably get along really really well.


Is it really this daughters fault that her mother is so musically ignorant that she isn't familiar with George Michaels music? IS IT??


...I am SO mad at myself for not ONCE thinking of this during my time at high school. Because this is GENIUS.


Oh man, this one is GOLDEN. I mean, it's a teeny bit sad too, but also pretty hilarious. What a script flip!


I love this, it's almost the perfect lie. I mean no one gets hurt, and it's a far enough number from the throne to just be believable. 100% nobody is fact-checking that fact.


Honestly, I think the talent of being able to recite music in perfect tune after merely listening to it rather being able to read sheet music is WAY more impressive.


Okay well when I first read this I read "mission" as in some sort of secret spy mission and I was like... wait, HOW did her parents let her get away with that one!? Now I understand the context. Outstanding effort.


This is like some kind of lie-ception. Lie-inception? Well whatever it is It's brilliant and it proved something I've known forever, sometimes it really IS okay to lie.


Who really cares about the real names of plants anyway right? I bet whatever names he came up with were WAY more fun.


Okay now see this is an EXACT SITUATION WHEN YOU SHOULD 100% LIE. A lie could save a life... namely this girls.


...great so if I ever want to get married all I need to do is provide shelter? Wish someone had told me that 8 years ago. This girl REALLY didn't want to live on campus.


Is this guy a liar or just a young entrepreneur? Isn't entrepreneur just a fancy word for liar anyway? Should have charged them 20!


I don't know if this girl is the devil or just an absolute GENIUS. At least it worked out well for them both... I guess? And er, good on his friends for not telling him!? So weird.


MUST. NOTE. THIS. DOWN. FOR. FUTURE. USE. WITH. POSSIBLE. FUTURE. CHILD. Give these parents a damn PHD in lying for freak's sake.


It's always nice to be reminded that a lot of the time our teachers cared just as little about school and school work and we did.


See, sometimes small white lies get things that should already be going, going. If my best friend hadn't told her boyfriend she would leave him if he didn't propose she'd leave him 6 years ago she wouldn't be married with 3 kids now... not sure if that's a pro or con for lying.


Even today at my age I would 100% do this in order to be able to attend a Blink 182 concert. I would do literally anything to go to a Blink 182 concert. 10/10 would recommend this lie.


WHY were I and my friends never this sneaky back in the day?? Either kids are getting freakin' smarter or school checks are getting more relaxed. This is AMAZING.





Truth time! Do you have any lies you've ever told for personal gain? Did they work out for you!? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this with your family and friends! x