These Photos Of Dogs Before & After They Were Rescued Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart


Whenever I feel like questioning whether or not there is a higher power out there somewhere, I just look at my dog and think - yep, it definitely exists, because nothing else could create such an amazing little creature (true story) and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who does that. Which is why it absolutely ASTOUNDS me that there are people... no... monsters out there who abuse these amazingly pure animals.

And it's because of these monsters that there are so many dogs out there who need to be rescued - taken away from the truly horrific conditions they're being left in.


But don't take my word for it - scroll down and see the absolutely incredible transformations these puppers went through with your own eyes!

(WARNING: Images may make you sob like a child who has just lost there favorite toy)

1. Before And After

My Ex Worked At The Spca And Refused To Let This Piglet Be Euthanized, So She Took Him Home. She Did An Amazing Job."

From hunched over scared in the corner to standing tall and proud bravely in the wide open air - truly majestic.



From a deranged looking wild beast to a magnificent looking domesticated wolf. Incredible.

4. "My Dog Wynter - From Living In The Streets To Relaxing In My Backyard"

I would never in a million years think that the dog one the left could end up turning out to be the dog on the right. It really does go to show just how far a little love can go.

5. "From Cellmates To Lifemates"

LOOK AT THOSE HAPPY SMILING FACES OMGGGGG. I'm so so happy that these two were rescued together - partners in crime and now partners for life!

6. "Ripley At Around 6 Months In Iran And Again At Around 1 Year In Her Forever Home In The United States"

I don't think I've ever seen a purer, more wholesome image than the one of little Ripley below. It really doesn't take a lot to make a dog happy - they just want cuddles and apparently a small personal swimming pool!

7. "Hank! Abuse Left This Poor Pup With Scars And Timidness, But Now He Smiles Ear-To-Ear"

Here's the things I love about Hank - 1) his name 2) his existence. Don't worry about your scars you good, good boy... they just prove how strong you are!


Dark Crystal or The Labyrinth

9. "Frank The Tank. Before And After Adoption"

Frank the Tank.

10. "So My Sis Adopted Her Very First Dog And His Before And After Pics Have Me Crying"

Look at this glorious, ethereal creature! The image on the right blows every Snapchat filter out of the WATER! Such a little beauty.

11. "Adopted This Little Dude While On Vacation In Mexico. The Litter Was Found In The Jungle In Terrible Shape But Were Nursed Back To Health By The Local Animal Rescue Foundation. Here He Is Today Healthy, Happy And Adapting Well To His New Life As A Canadian"

Who says that two eyes are better than one!? This gorgeous creature actually looks a little like Scooby Doo - and I bet he would totally ROCK an eye-patch if he wanted to. The image on the left makes me so, so angry. How people can treat an entire litter of puppies so horrifically is absolutely BEYOND me.

12. "To The Person Who Left Her In A Park To Die 2 Years Ago... Look At Her Now! With Your Horrible Neglect Came A Whole Lot Of Happiness."

I can't even leave my dog in the house for 10 minutes without breaking down, so how people can literally abandon their dogs in the middle of nowhere FOREVER is... is just... unfathomable. Alas - the picture on the right just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

13. "The Night We Found Him On The Street Vs 1 Week After Adoption. Meet Pablo"

just a week



15. "This Is My Koda Bear The Day Before He Got Adopted And A Few Months After"

One of the most heartbreaking things for me is to see dogs behind bars. Whether it's in shelter cages or not, I hate to see it - and by the looks on Koda's face, he hated it just as much!

16. "After 4 Years In The Street, Annie Found Her Home With My Parents. First Day Vs 1 Week Later"

Sometimes It's all about the body language, and it can take a while for an abused dog to open up their heart to you and trust you enough to allow you to love them. But just look at that bottom image after only one week! Have you ever seen a more comfortable, content dog??

17. "My Friend Rescued This Sweet Girl From Being Put Down Over A Minor Skin Condition. Meet Scarlett"



Just LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE LITTLE PUPPY. I haven't even met this dog in real life and I already know I would DIE for him. Also the picture on the right is also 10,000 times better than any "candid" photo I have ever taken for Instagram.


Another little one-eyed wonder here! It's obvious that only having one eye won't stop this little cutie from giving you love and kisses all day every day!


And last but not least, another heart-wrenching image of a poor pupper trapped behind some cold, isolated wire fence... next to a truly glorious shot of a now free pupper living his best life. Next time I need a pick-me-up I'm definitely gonna google more images like this!

Sorry folks... just gonna need a minute here...

Okay okay, I'm good... kind of. Anyway, how do you feel after that one, folks? Have you ever rescued a pet or know anyone who has? Let me know in the comments and please remember to share this with your friends and family in order to help spread the message of how important it is to adopt rescue animals, helping to give them a second chance at life! AAx