People Born Between 1965 And 1982 Are Defined By These 10 Characteristics

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"for a long time people thought Generation X meant we were nihilistic slackers who would never amount to much. But, oh, we’ve come of age now. We’re mainly in our forties and fifties, and this is our time."

The article goes on to give examples of some of the characteristics that Generation X are blessed with, which we have compiled into a handy list of 10. Do you identify with some of these characteristics? Could you even identify with ALL of them?

1. They Haven't Always Been Well Thought Of

"knew war. Some of us fought and died in the Falklands, in Bosnia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq. Some of us protested those wars. We lived through the mistakes and we can make sure they don’t happen again."

2. They Have A Peaceful Outlook

3. They Work Hard AND Play Hard

The thought is that Generation X has the benefit of possessing the best characteristics of both the boomers and the millennials, and none of the downsides. They know how to work hard, they know how to play hard, and they are very industrious.

4. They're Happy In Their Mid Life

In midlife, research describes Generation X’ers as ‘active, happy, and having entrepreneurial tendencies’.

5. They're Extremely Effective In The Workplace

Guides about managing multiple generations in the workforce have also described Generation X as ‘independent, resourceful, self-managing, adaptable, cynical, pragmatic, skeptical of authority, and seeking a work life balance’.

"had alcopops and ecstasy and we were fearless and stupid and happy, but we still got up for work on Monday morning, no matter how bad we felt."

6. They've Had Some Things Easy

This is because Generation X were paid by the government to go to university. They're also the last generation to be able to afford a mortgage, and they remember when it was easier to get a job.

7. They Know How To Deal With A Hangover

"get up early to go to work, we come out in the middle of the night to fix your burst pipe."

8. They're Extremely Confident With The Internet

The Baby Boomers don't understand the internet and the millennials don't remember a time BEFORE the internet. But Generation X CREATED the internet, and made it what it is today.

9. They Get The Job Done

"Boomers live in the past and have ransomed the future. Millennials fear the future and are ignorant of the past. Generation X acknowledges what has gone before, learns from it, and resolves to shape the future into something better."

10. They Learn From The Past And Try To Shape The Future

Does this sound like you? Be sure to share this with your friends and family who were born between 1965 and 1982 to see if they too identify with Generation X!

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