Top 20 Best Places To Live In Britain Have Been Announced

Top 20 Best Places To Live In Britain Have Been Announced

Top 20 Best Places To Live In Britain Have Been Announced

The Telegraph have compiled a list of our favourite cities in the UK, and the results are in. Over 90,00 readers had their say and helped compile the list. Here, we break them down for you.

20) Newcastle
A heartbeat of the north, Newcastle safely secured the 20th spot. With attractions such as St James’ Park, The Grey’s Monument, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, are a must for a trip.

19) Cardiff

The City’s Bay area has been given a new lease of life in modern times, which features amongst a whole line up of other attractions. The Senedd building for examplem along with the Wales Millennium Centre, brings in flocks of tourists. A monument to remember one of the cities most famous residents, Roald Dahl, also stands next to the water.

The cities ancient 11th century castle is a short trip away from the infamous Millennium Stadium.

18) Salisbury

It’s somewhat beautiful cathedral, which houses the oldest working clock in Europe, sets the tone for this historical settlement. Turner and Constable painted here, whilst Golding took inspiration for Lord of The Flies.  The Doom painting, the fort of Old Sarum, and one of the greatest regional theatres in the Salisbury Playhouse ensure that this romantically historical town is somewhere you just need to visit.

17) Belfast

The Northern Ireland capital plays host to the Titanic museum, which commemorates the cities influence in the creation in the doomed ship. Take a trip to Londonderry and you can take a wander on ancient paths that played a unforgettable part in British history.

16) Chichester

Hidden within the swell of the South Downs, Chichester is set amongst in a truly breathtaking natural setting. The rather petite city is rather attractive as well. It’s a tight unit of architecture from the Georgian era, constructed around a plan  Roman streets, most of which is still enclosed by Roman walls. A medieval Market Cross, and a cathedral are centred at the heart of what is surely one of the more cuter town centres in the country.

15) Canterbury

This mysterious, historic city climbs to 16th, with its main attractions being its 11th century cathedral and charm.

14) Norwich

A huge rise for the city based in East Anglia, it secures its place a 14th. Famed for being the base of fictional TV Star Alan Partridge. On a more serious note however, it does have a cathedral, the beautifully picturesque Elm Hill. Of course there are many monuments to the success of Alan Partridge. “The first pedestrianised street in the country”, London Street.

13) Lincoln

The city recently celebrated the 800th birthday of the infamous Magna Carter. The city is another entry that screams history, with its medieval cathedral, and 11th century castle.

12) Winchester

This city boasts one of Europe’s largest cathedrals, and in contrast one of the UK’s coolest B&B’s. It also contains a castle, which is noted for playing host to King Arthur’s Round Table. It’s quite a rise for the city, who in 2003 was voted 5th in the UK’s crappest towns. On the contrary though in 2006 it was voted the best place in Britain to live.

11) Liverpool

This North West giant jumps up by three places, as it this year celebrates ten years since it secured the title of European Capital of Culture. It’s Unesco World Heritage site in the form of the Albert Dock, is one major attraction. The cities beautiful mix of history, culture, and a modern heartbeat provoke questions as to why it wasn’t positioned slightly higher.

10) Oxford

This international city has a little bit of everything to offer. In just a short walk you’re taken from the crowded shopping streets, to the breathtaking ancient stone walls ingrained with centuries of history.

Small businesses, quirky shops and some of the best hotels and eateries in the UK compliment the air of intellect that carries through the city.

9) Chester

Another medieval dwelling, containing a cathedral. This time in the North West. It’s well known for its shopping, it’s historical architecture, and it’s zoo.

8) Durham
One of the most interestingly placed cities in the UK. There are few train journey arrivals quite like this North East settlement, complete with cathedral shadowing the River Wear. We recommend a stroll on the river.

7) Cambridge

A smaller, more attractive city than its fierce rival Oxford. Cambridge’s infamous colleges are stunning against the backdrop of the River Cam, the site of countless tourists. There’s some superb art available at the Fitzwilliam Museum. A particular highlight is to hear the Kings College Choir perform and a service.

6) Wells

The city, based in Somerset, is home to around 12,00 inhabitants. It carries a number of historic 13th century, and a popular town market. The city is named after springs, which are still active in the gardens of Bishops Palace.

5) London

Our world famous capital city doesn’t score as highly as some may have initially though, with a bout of recent terrorist attacks potentially contributing. London still remains the cosmopolitan hub of the world.  It remains a city offering both cultured exhibitions, unquestionable culinary delights, and nightlife. The continually changing skyline make London worth a visit year after year.

4) St Davids

This is actually Britain’s smallest city, and is the final resting place of St David, the patron saint of Wales. The city has an eerily historic cathedral, a 13th century Bishops Palace, 14th Century Tower Gate, and a number of art galleries, to get your culture buds tingling.

3) Bath

The city that is ideal for a UK based city break. The Georgian streets, an interesting history at your doorstep containing the infamous Roman Baths. The life of Jane Austen can be explored, who was a once a resident. Museums, galleries, affordable eating, and an array of shops secure its place in the top three.

2) York

There are few cities in the world that can be compared to this Northern settlement for history and character. A city based on the ricer, the heart of which is encapsulated by ancient walls. It’s history stretches back over 2000 years. Roman emperors were crowned, William Wallace was executed, and canon balls attempted to break the settlements infamous walls down. The city has matured like a fine wine, with its combination of stained glass windows in the imposing cathedral, to the Roman streets you walk, the past is inescapable.

1) Edinburgh

The city that is soaked in history, with its Old Town, contrasted with the elegance of the New Town, the city has earned its reputation as one of the most picturesque and and breathtaking cities in the world