People Who Take 'Fake' Service Dogs On Planes Will Now Be Charged A Hefty Fine


'a service dog' or 'emotional support animal'

Service dogs and, of course, other types of service animals are a wonderful thing to have, not to mention incredibly helpful... for those who actually do struggle with real-life disabilities and need help from their trained furry companion, that is.

“Emotional support dogs don’t need any specific training, nor does the owner need to have a disability. More importantly, these types of dogs are not covered under the same ADA rules and regulations that service dogs are.”

Let’s also not forget that emotional support animals and service animals are NOT the same things. According to The Cheat Sheet;

In order words,  if you’re passing your pet off as a service dog when they’re actually not, you put the ENTIRE service dog problem at risk. This means tighter rules and regulations, which is where a new law comes in. Oh, and it also means that you are a terrible, terrible person, jut FYI.

“I’m very happy it passed. I understand some people may have concerns about it because it’s going to be difficult to enforce, but there are 20 other states that have it. Having a law is important,”

Well folks, If you're as fed up as I am about it all, I have some jolly good news for you!

Hawaii Senator Russell Ruderman has now proposed a new bill called bill 2461. Basically, the law states that anyone found passing off their pets as valid service animals when they’re actually not will be fined up to $500. HALLELUJAH!

Here here!

“None of the county police departments submitted testimony. However, it appears they would be the primary agencies responsible for enforcement. It may be difficult to prove in court by a clear and convincing standard that a person knowingly misrepre

“The real work begins now that the bill becomes law. A lot of education needs to be carried out before its effective date of Jan. 1, 2019. We at Hawaii Fi-Do intend to help wherever we can. All of us need to join together to help educate our citizen

The Executive Director of Hawaii Fi-Do Service Dogs, whose name is Jim Kennedy, has come out and said that the new law, while yes, will present its difficulties, it is still major progress in the importance and validation of real service animals. and I wholeheartedly agree with him!

Here is what he said:

What's your view on service animals folks? Do you have one yourself? DO you agree with this new law? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with all your friends and family, especially though who require the service of these amazing animals themselves! x