Perfect Timing: 20 Ultimate Fails Caught On Camera Moments Before They Happened

Perfect Timing: 20 Ultimate Fails Caught On Camera Moments Before They Happened

Sometimes an accident is just waiting to happen. Possibly because your annoying little brother has set up the perfect prank to drive you crazy! But these hilarious photos couldn’t possibly be set up, just in the moment snapshots. They’re impossible to recreate no matter how hard you try.

Like the time you capture a snowball in mid-flight before it smacks the photographer in the face – true story. Or when you film the school talent pageant just in time for your kid to puke all over his classmates… We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best fails caught on camera moments before they went wrong.

Our collection will make you laugh, cringe and wince – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Wave! No WAVE!

Image: Reddit

This girl was in for a soaking. Good job she’s already surf ready, but that beach shelter sure needs some more work. She’s all set for an incredible new profile picture though!

2. Wait, I Can’t See!

That’s why they say ‘don’t look down’. Hopefully, he’s got some spares somewhere. Or alternatively a spot of free-falling and he might catch up with them…

3. Falling With Style

Image: gregIsBae

Ouch! She’ll be looking for some new, thicker bike tires soon. Although, looking at the angling of that drain cover, it’s asking for it really – maybe the town planners set up a camera nearby?

4. Taking a Dip

This woman clearly hasn’t dressed for the pool! She also doesn’t appear to have realized she’s about to take a surprise dip. But then her friends don’t seem too concerned either…

5. Run Away From the Ocean!

Image: Reddit

Well she’s gonna get soaked. She doesn’t seem too bothered though, perhaps she’s already excepted her fate?

6.  Don’t Drop the Baby

Oh dear. I can see him explaining that one when he’s older: yeah, I did get dropped on my head as a child, by my mother. They didn’t drop the ball, just the baby.

7. Curiosity Killed the Cat

Or killed the glass bottles anyway. How did this adventuring little moggy get up there anyway? She must be some kind of ninja cat. Now that would make a great TV show…

8. Bath Time For Graduates

Image: gssunil

This one has to be a set up surely! Some college students decided to put this graduating class back in their place with the help of fourteen buckets of water.

9. Save the Cheesecake!

Image: moixax

This lady’s face says it all. Such a waste of delicious cheesecake. I seriously hope she managed to catch that cake!

10. Festival Fizz to Festival Frizz

She’s smiling right now but once that drink hits it will be a whole different story. They said it would rain at Glastonbury this year…

11. Wheelie Time

Image: Gherop

This guy had better switch to riding a unicycle from now on. Fasten those quick-release wheels folks!

12. Chainsaw Stupidity

I mean, this guy’s just asking for it really. Who would lean their ladder against the part of the tree they’re trying to cut down? Logic is clearly not a strong point here…

13. Volley To the Face

Ouch! That one’s going to hurt. And from her expression, it looks like she knows it. Can she turn it into a header in time?

14. FEED ME!

Image: Salil Bera

This leopard isn’t going to stay hungry for long. One leap and he’s out of there! The zoo-keeper standing by with a tranquilizer gun doesn’t seem particularly concerned though. Hopefully, he will spring into action at any minute…

15. Bashful Baseball

The spectators’ expressions are the most entertaining element of this baseball game. As the ball flies into the bleachers, the spectators scatter to avoid broken noses.

16. Photo-bombing the Wedding Pictures

Image: GallowBoob

This guy is taking photo-bombing to a whole new level in this falling fail at upstaging the bride on her big day. All we can ask is why?

17. Snowball Fight, Snowball Flight

Image: whooodaaa

Never hit your photographer in the face with a snowball. They will not be amused. Not like I’ve ever done that myself…

18. Swimming Pool Fail

Image: Fransbauer

The combination of pain and embarrassment makes this one a winner. It’s one of those, you should laugh, but can’t stop laughing, kind of scenarios.

19. Get the Ball!

These fans were so intent on fighting each other, they took their eye off the ball altogether. Until it hit one of them in the face.

20. Don’t Drink and Dive

Straight from the bar to the pool isn’t always the best idea!