PETA Promotes Veganism By BBQ-ing A "Prop" Dog In The Middle Of The Street

PETA Promotes Veganism By BBQ-ing A “Prop” Dog In The Middle Of The Street

PETA Promotes Veganism By BBQ-ing A “Prop” Dog In The Middle Of The Street

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Once again, PETA has landed themselves in a spot of hot water after the latest stunt they pulled in the streets of Sydney, Australia, in an attempt to “promote Veganism”.

The protest involved a prop dog, a BBQ grill and a guy wearing a chef’s hat who was, of course, BBQing the dog. He was also wearing an apron with pictures of sheep on… because why not?

Unsurprisingly, the display was meant to cause outrage and provoke a reaction, while asking people:

“If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a lamb?”

…right. They certainly don’t do things by half, do they?

This stomach-churning stunt was carried out in the middle of Pitt Street Mall right in the center of Sydney. Millions of Australians are currently preparing for a huge BBQ in order to celebrate Australia Day this coming Saturday… and if there’s one thing PETA loves doing it’s ruining things for everybody else.

PETA is hoping that this shock-tactic stunt will make people reconsider or at least think about what they cook during their celebrations this year.

I mean, yes, I get what they’re saying. It wouldn’t hurt for people to think a little more about what it is (or at least was) they’re about to cook up, I certainly don’t eat as much meat as I used to. And really, what is the difference between a lamb and a dog? Or a dog and a pig? Apart from one being a lot more domesticated than the others.

One supporter wrote;

“Chucking a tantrum over a FAKE dog being used as a prop to highlight the similarities between all animals, when you don’t even bat an eyelid over a slaughtered pig or a lamb on a spit.”

However, there are at least two views for everything, and a lot of people are not buying what PETA is trying to get across:


Which again is a very good point. Their message is clear, but they could have gone a better way about it? Or is disgusting people, outraging them and shocking them the only way to reach people these days? It would certainly make me double take if I came across this in the street, that’s for sure!

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