Poll: Which Of These Is The Best Sitcom Of The 1980's?

Poll: Which Of These Is The Best Sitcom Of The 1980’s?

Poll: Which Of These Is The Best Sitcom Of The 1980’s?

Kids of the 80’s will all remember gathering around the TV to watch their favourite shows. From Red Dwarf to ‘Allo ‘Allo to ALF, there was certainly a lot to choose from and look forward to in those years of the VCR. And now the time has come to decide… Which of these show is your favourite?

So, we’ve established that the 1980’s was rich in iconic and timeless sitcoms that haven’t lost any of their original charm. With so many of them out there, it was really a golden age for comedy. Because of all this, we know that attempting to pick your one true favourite is understandably a little bit difficult. However, for the sake of a good old fashioned poll, let’s put our heads together to decide on which of these 1980’s sitcoms is deserving of the winning title.

How you choose your favourite is absolutely up to you – maybe you’ll pick the show which holds the best memories for you, or maybe it’s the one you used to watch with your mates all the time. Is it the one that you own the box set of now, or the one that just makes you downright nostalgic?

Then, of course, there’s the question of whether or not your friends will agree with you… Don’t forget to share this poll with them after you’ve placed your vote – and don’t worry, we won’t blame you if there’s a little bit of persuasiveness and not so subtle hinting towards your favourite involved!

It’s going to be tricky and the stakes are high, but let’s take a look at the sitcoms we have for you to choose from. When you set eyes on them, we’re sure the choice will be obvious soon enough. Let the battle of the sitcoms begin!