Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Officially Ready To Be Parents And These 15 Photos Prove It!


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are quickly approaching Meghan's elusive due date which is said to be the end of April. If anyone was ever ready to be a parent, it is Meghan and Harry, they are loved by kids and are just perfect humans, what can I say?

Harry and Meghan might not be parents just yet but they might as well be, they are great with kids and have always wanted one of their own!

They have recently moved in their new Frogmore Cottage in Windsor which is anything but modest. With ten bedrooms, a huge kitchen and a freakin' yoga room, they are definitely set to raise a very royal child.

I may not be the most royal girl in the world but I do know good parents when I see them...

1.) Children give Meghan flowers!

Kids love Meghan enough to give her flowers...she is definitely ready to be a mom, my kids would NEVER give me flowers. On their first official visit to Northern Ireland, Harry and Meghan were greeted by some lovely kids very happy to give them flowers, if only our kids would treat us this way...

2.) Harry with some adorable kids in the Caribbean

Prince Harry definitely is brilliant at posing and is unfairly photogenic. These lovely Carribean children look beyond happy to be in his company though!

3.) Meghan and Harry meet the beautiful 7-Year-Old Matilda

If you don't think that Meghan and Harry look like parents here then I don't know WHO ever looks like a parent! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with many ill children and their families, including 7-year-old Matilda who is sadly paralyzed from the chest down. She doesn't let this get her down though and has a love for life, she wants to be a nurse when she grows up!

4.) Harry plays with a very cool baby

This baby is definitely much cooler than I'll ever be. Harry has always been passionate about helping children who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, he will be a great dad thanks to his caring nature!

5.) Meghan and Harry greet kids at the Taronga Zoo


6.) Schoolchildren welcoming Meghan and Harry to Dubbo

When these two royals touched down at Dubbo Airport in Australia, excited schoolchildren were very happy to meet them! One adorable little boy snuck under the rope to give Harry a hug, Meghan's reaction is just too much.

7.) The Royals meet the Kookaburra Kids


8.) Harry and Meghan at kid's dance performance

Meghan and Harry literally look like proud parents here and you can tell that they will fit the parent role perfectly. Meghan was actually sporting her baby bump here and looks incredibly proud of the amazing children performing!

9.) Harry having a special moment

Prince Harry enjoyed a special moment with an adorable little boy at Riverside School. The school won the WellChild Awards School Choir of the Year award and they certainly look happy about it!

10.) Meghan being a mom already

Meghan and Harry were rounding up the final day of their tour around Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand. Meghan and an adorable little girl shared an emotional hug, seeing this makes me want Meghan to be my mom!

11.) Meghan and Harry with the whole family

Meghan and Harry look great with the rest of the Royal Family and you can just picture them all together when Meghan and Harry have children!

12.) Meghan with a little girl in Fiji

The Duchess always likes to bend down when talking to children in order to look them in the eyes and be on the same level, she never talks down to them! This is why she will be a great mom.

13.) Meghan and Harry meeting Canadian kids on Commonwealth Day

This is just adorable how Harry looks like he is pretend-telling off one of the kids. These two are destined to be amazing parents!

14.) Looking up to kids in New Zealand

I love how Meghan and Harry always look up to children when speaking to them, they are so attentive and never patronizing. Parents in the making!

15.) Shaking hands with adorable young New Zealanders

Harry and Meghan met these kids after announcing that they were expecting, they definitely look at ease meeting these sweet children and I can't wait for them to meet their own little one!

Meghan and Harry are definitely well-qualified and seem to have already passed the parenting test. Hopefully, their child treats them as nicely as these children do! AAx