Quiz: Are You More Of An Emotional Or Logical Person?

Quiz: Are You More Of An Emotional Or Logical Person?

Quiz: Are You More Of An Emotional Or Logical Person?

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly is helping you make the majority of the decisions in your life, then this is the right quiz for you. But what’s the difference between thinking logically and emotionally, and is it really as easy to tell them apart as we think it might be?

Most of us probably reckon we can tell emotion from logic apart pretty easily. However, that isn’t always entirely true. When faced with one scenario, logical thinking must be applied so that we can accomplish whatever it is that we need done – and on the flip side, there are other scenarios where our reactions are purely emotional. Of course, there are also times where a little of both ways of thinking are used to get the job done. But since it isn’t really necessary to think about how we’re thinking about things, the line between each kind of response can be a lot blurrier that we’d first expect.

So if you can’t pinpoint which way in which you’re more likely to think, it’s definitely not unusual! We can clarify a thing or two with the following handy and interesting little quiz (which will also explain a bit about the ways in which you think in the results!)

But whatever you do, don’t try to think too much about it…

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