Quiz: How Many Little Details Can You Remember From 'Pretty Woman?'

Quiz: How Many Little Details Can You Remember From ‘Pretty Woman?’

Quiz: How Many Little Details Can You Remember From ‘Pretty Woman?’

Pretty Woman  is one of those iconic movies that gets you humming or singing along to the theme song as soon as it pops into your head – well it did, didn’t it? If you’ve never binged out on chocolate and wine in front of the tv on a Friday night and watched this, then add the experience to your bucket list! But as you’ve opened up this quiz, we’re assuming you’re a fan of the film – and now you’re about to test your knowledge (and your memory!) to see how much you can remember about it. Be warned, this might be a little tricky, as it focuses on the smaller details of the film…

To get you warmed up, here are a few pieces of trivia about the movie:

1. In the scene where Edward reveals the stunning necklace to go with Vivian’s red dress, he snaps the case down on her fingers jokingly. This part was actually improvised by Richard Gere, and it was just too adorable to take out of the final cut! The necklace itself really did cost a bomb, too – it was a whopping $250,000 and an armed guard was sent to watch over it during filming.

2. The music in the piano scene was entirely legit, and was actually composed and played by Richard Gere. (All of the antics that the characters get up to shortly afterwards on top of the piano was obviously not legit.) And while we’re on the topic of music, director Gary Marshall has brought us an official Pretty Woman Broadway musical! New York City Theatre claims that it will flesh out Richard Gere’s character Edward and will also offer a “more ‘positive’ take on the story.” It will be available to see later this year.

3. Remember Julia Roberts on the front of the Pretty Woman poster? Well, that’s not actually her body – it’s the body of her body double, Shelley Michelle. Julia’s head was superimposed onto the image just for the poster. (Now we’re all going to spend ages staring at it…) Another unusual thing about the poster is that Richard Gere’s hair appears black on it for some reason: in the movie, it’s definitely grey.

Now that you’re all hyped up about one of your fave films all over again, it’s time to take the quiz. But no watching it first to get all the answers, that’s cheating!

Once you’re done, let us know what you scored in the comments and be sure to share with someone who loves Pretty Woman almost as much as you…