QUIZ: How Many Of These Musicals Can You Name?

QUIZ: How Many Of These Musicals Can You Name?

QUIZ: How Many Of These Musicals Can You Name?

We all love a good musical, don’t we?

Even though sometimes we don’t like to admit it, deep down we all kind of want to live in a world where everyone has beautiful voices and breaks out into song and dance every now and again. It would add a bit of excitement into life, wouldn’t it?

We all love a good powerful soundtrack – there’s nothing like pretending you’re on Broadway or The West End, belting it out to thousands of people in the spotlight, when in reality, you’re just jamming in your car on the way to work, or to your shower head until your fingers go all wrinkly?

There’s definitely different types of people when it comes to musicals too, isn’t there? There’s those who will only watch the big hits in London theaters (for about the 5th time), dressed up to the nines. Then there’s those of us who will happily sit down and watch the sing-along DVD versions at home, not really knowing all the words but will give it their all anyway.

Admittedly, some of us, including me, only know the main songs to some musicals, and that really peeves off certain other people who claim the best song is the underdog that nobody really knows, or knows every little fact about each cast that played each character, or the composers of each song etc etc.

Whichever type of musical lover you are, have a go and see if you can identify these 12 musicals from pictures of different casts performing their own versions of the script and songs live on different stages.

A little tip is to pick out the style of costume or the backdrop on the stage – that should usually give away what musical you’re looking at.

How did you do? Are you the die-hard fan you knew you were from the beginning? Or did you see some on there that you’d actually never heard of or seen and need to widen your knowledge after all?