QUIZ: How Picky Are You Really When It Comes To Food?

QUIZ: How Picky Are You Really When It Comes To Food?

QUIZ: How Picky Are You Really When It Comes To Food?

When it comes to how we are with food, there’s a lot of different types of people:

There’s the people who eat about a mouthful and say they’re full, and then there’s the people who can finish off everybody’s plates after eating a quick snack beforehand and still be hungry.

Then there’s the people with the most bland taste pallet ever who thing too much salt and pepper is spicy, and then there’s the people who will eat some next level spicy chillies and not even flinch.

There’s of course the foodies who only have a taste for the most luxurious and expensive delicacies, and then those people who will eat the weirdest and most disgusting combos of whatever they find in their cupboards and consider it delicious.

But we all know that one extremely picky eater, or you’re that person. (Chances are, if you clicked on this quiz, it probably is you and you know it, but still).

However, do you feel like your friends and family overreact when they call you a picky eater? Do you not think you’re actually that bad and that there must be people a lot worse than you out there?

Well, take this quick quiz to find out to either prove them all wrong that you’re not actually that picky, they’ll just eat anything, or actually discover that you might be a little bit too picky after all….

So, what were your results? Was it what you were expecting?

Share this quiz with someone that you think is a picky eater who may be in a bit of denial about it, to prove that they really are very inconvenient when it comes to either trying to pick somewhere to go out for lunch together or deciding what to make when they come over for dinner! We all know those struggles all too well.