How Much Do You Remember About 'Pretty Woman'?

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Pretty Woman?

Although the movie was originally supposed to be a more sinister, cautionary drama about the dangers of sex work and the effects of class in Los Angeles, it was totally reconstructed and ended up being the charming romantic comedy we all know and love today.

This was due to Jeffrey Katzenburg, the then-president of Walt Disney Studios, who wanted the script to read as a love story and a much more of a present day fairy tale. After this, the film was rewritten and pitched to Touchstone Pictures. And a very good job too - because it did, in fact, become one of the highest grossing films that 1990 had to offer.

He ended up rating the film with a disappointing D, a decision which he has later said he would change if he were to make it again today. Gleiberman has since said that whilst he still believes his words were correct, he would have given it a B instead.

Well, now you can find out! Just take this quick little quiz and don't forget to 'work it, baby! Own it!'

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