Racy Male Lingerie Is Available Because It's Only Fair Right?


Women's lingerie has long been the envy of men everywhere, but now the hopes and prayers of men everywhere have been answered thanks to HommeMystere - Lingerie For Men!

(Photo Credit: Instagram @hommemysterelingerieformen)

'Why does this exist?' I hear you cry, and the truthful answer is that I have not the faintest idea, but hey, why shouldn't it? In an age of growing equality between the sexes, it's only fair that men should be able to appreciate the discomfort that women put themselves through in the name of appeasing the ideals which men hold to be sexy.

(Photo Credit: Instagram @hommemysterelingerieformen)

Homme Mystere was started by an Australian man called Brent Krause. In response to why he started the company he had this to say:

"There’s no variety in the men’s lingerie sold in department stores. It’s boxers and briefs, and if you’re really daring, maybe a thong! There’s no denying department stores sell good quality, functional underwear, and that’s fine for ninety percent of men. But not me."

The company offers a plethora of styles from more classy numbers,


(Photo Credit: Instagram @hommemysterelingerieformen)

To more racy pink swimsuits...

(Photo Credit: Instagram @hommemysterelingerieformen)

The company may be based in Australia, but...


(Photo Credit: Instagram @hommemysterelingerieformen)

does ship worldwide (that's the level of humour I'm working at here, sorry)! So fear not if you don't live in Australia and are raising you shaking fists in anger to the sky , and the company also offers a 'discretion policy' for those who may feel embarrassed about purchasing from the website. Krausse, in an article with Shared, explained the need for a discretion policy as such,

"Some social media comments from women include suggestions that they would leave their partner if they discovered he wore lingerie. I think this says more about her than it does about him, but helps explain why some of our customers want some discretion."

The company has also received it's fair share of criticism from prominent figures of society who will literally never be personally affected by this yet find it so repulsive that they must let everyone know because that's how society works.

In particular, this article tweeted by the Daily Mirror:

(Source: Twitter @DailyMirror)

received plenty of backlash. These were some of the responses tweeted;

Donald Trump Jnr Tweeted: 'Maybe on Halloween or if you lose a bet really badly... ah who am I kidding not even then. Who is pushing this garbage?'

@allahpundit tweeted: 'Cleanse this planet with fire'

and Raheem Kassam tweeted: 'It might be "a thing" in the far left @DailyMirror offices. But I assure you it is not a thing in the real world.'



At the end of the day, people should be free to wear what they feel comfortable in surely? Let us know if you'll be racing out to get you or your partner a set of racy lingerie - or don't, after all, it's your business! AAx