Have you ever seen something that seems so amazing that you think it must have been digitally altered in photoshop? They can truly make some amazing things in photoshop these days. It’s revolutionized the way we look at pictures to the point that we just assume that spectacular pictures have been doctored in some way. That’s why we thought we’d turn the tables on you and show you some extraordinary photos that we swear haven’t been edited in photoshop. It will be hard to believe, but here are some mind-bending photos that are 100% real.

A Walk in the Clouds

Certain surfaces tend to almost reflect the sky above. That’s the effect we’re seeing in this picture that only makes it look like a person is walking on clouds in the middle of the sky as if he ascended to heaven.

In reality, this is Salar de Uyuni, which is located in Bolivia and is the world’s largest salt flat. The sky can sometimes reflect perfectly onto the water, creating this look. You also might recognize Salar de Uyuni form one of the final scenes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Hovering Boat

Make sure you do a double-take on this photo because that is not a hovering boat. Sadly, hovering boats don’t exist. Also, this wasn’t created with trick photography or photoshop.

The water is so crystal clear that the boat looks like it’s hovering a few feet above its own shadow. But when you look closer, you can see that the boat is indeed floating on the water. Of course, by the time you’ve figured it out, you’re probably feeling jealous that you’re not on that boat right now, even if it isn’t hovering.

Owl in the Coffee

To be honest, it’s not that far-fetched that someone would play around by photoshopping an owl into a cup of coffee. If the owl has dark feathers, it makes perfect sense, especially with those intense eyes that owls tend to have.

But this is just good luck and timing after someone dropped a couple of Fruit Loops into their coffee. The way the two hoops moved around the foam at the top of the mug made it look like an owl’s face. It’s just one of those weird happenings that look both confusing and brilliant at first glance.

Rainbow in a Waterfall

Most people would agree that there are few things in nature more spectacular than a rainbow. When you combine a rainbow with a waterfall, you get something so spectacular that it’s hard not to think it was photoshopped.

But this photo is 100% real, as the waterfall creates the glow of a rainbow at the bottom. This photo was snapped at Bridalveil Fall, which is located in Yosemite National Park and flows year-round from a height of over 600 feet.

Guatemala Sinkhole

The fact that this sinkhole is utterly terrifying and practically in a perfect circle makes it look like something that was created on a computer. You almost want the photo to be photoshopped because it’s impossible to tell how deep this sinkhole goes.

Unfortunately, this is an actual picture of a sinkhole that appeared in Guatemala City in 2010. It’s been measured at 200 feet deep and 60 feet wide, which is no joke and puts plenty of other sinkholes to shame.

Jacob’s Well

Rest assured, these kids are not plummeting to their death in a bottomless quarry. This is a place in Texas called Jacob’s Well and the kids are jumping into a cave that has a 12-foot opening.

Cave divers and open-water divers frequently visit Jacob’s Well to do some exploring and have some fun. The kids in the photo are having harmless fun, even if a little trick photography makes it look like they’re in danger.

Face in the Clouds

Fans of the original Power Rangers show might see the face of Zordon in this cloud. Others might simply see the face that will be in their nightmares tonight. While it’s up for interpretation, it’s hard to deny that this cloud looks like a person’s face.

It’s a storm cloud with some bright colors mixed in, resulting in a unique look. That’s just the beauty of clouds. Honestly, if we didn’t know what they were, they would sure look terrifying just hovering in the sky above us.

Glowing Tree Trunk

At first glance, this photo either looks to be clearly photoshopped or to be a picture of a tree in a literal enchanted forest. Surely, this isn’t what trees look like in real life, at least not without some plutonium.

However, this is merely a case of a clever artist placing yellow leaves around the roots of this tree. The contrast in color is what creates this glowing effect. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to think of this as a magical tree.

The Baseball Gods are Watching

Most baseball fans go to games hoping to see something they’ve never expected to see before. But that usually applies to something related to the game. On this night at Yankee Stadium, it meant a fire-red sky hanging over the stadium.

While eerily beautiful, it must have been hard for the fans not to be a little freaked out at seeing this. One almost expects the four horsemen of the apocalypse to come out of these clouds. But perhaps it was just the baseball gods playing tricks or issuing a warning about something.

Chemical Spill on Trees

This picture almost looks like photoshop 101, something that a middle schooler could do. They just drew a straight line across the photo and added a red tint to the bottom half of the picture.

Unfortunately, that’s not what happened here. This picture is from a forest in Hungary that experienced a toxic aluminum spill. Needless to say, we know exactly how high the spill went on these trees. In a way, the photo is eerily beautiful, although less so when you know the truth.

New York in the Fall

This is the perfect juxtaposition of man vs nature. There is such a contradiction that one would have to assume that a plush forest in the middle of autumn was photoshopped next to an urban jungle. However, this is just New York City in the fall.

On the left side, we have the gorgeous Central Park with its beautiful foliage. On the right, there is midtown Manhattan with its buildings and skyscrapers. When you cross the road from one to the other it almost feels like walking into a completely different dimension. Only in New York, right?

Tall Tram

The timing of this photo is nothing short of perfect. The photographer’s location is also perfect because they needed to be somewhere that has a building with a nearly identical color scheme to the city’s trams.

Honestly, it’s almost easy to miss if you only look at the picture briefly. But then you realize that trams should only be 15 feet high and not 10 stories high. The only question is whether or not the photographer was savvy enough to know what this would look like when a trolley came down this street or if it was completely fortuitous.

Dragon Shadow

Shadows are truly one of the great photographic tricks. Depending on the time of day, they can look like just about anything, which is why they can be easy to confuse with pictures that have been photoshopped.

But this picture is real, and unless you have lost every bit of childhood innocence, you will surely see the shape of a dragon in the shadow of this leaf. It’s actually quite amazing that something as simple as this dirty old leaf can create a magical dragon with its shadow.

Boats in the Sky

The elevation at which a photo is taken is not to be overlooked. Since the festival in the grass is being photographed from up high, it makes it seem like the water and boats are above it rather than next to it.

Of course, we know that boats don’t float in the sky. When you look closer, it does become clear that the park is located next to the harbor and not underneath it. But this is the type of trick you might see someone do with the help of photoshop.

Fish Man

Who among us hasn’t attempted to photoshop the head of an animal onto someone we know as a joke? Come on, it looks funny, why wouldn’t you do it? However, no photoshop was needed in this case because the fish swam in front of this man’s head right when the picture was taken.

There’s no way this could have been done on purpose; the photographer just got lucky with the timing. Obviously, we don’t know what this person looks like, but with the expression on the face of this fish, we can all agree this was the best possible outcome.

Giant Baboon

Take a good, long look at this photo because it might take a few seconds to figure out. It genuinely looks like this is a giant baboon that’s about to destroy a car and everyone in it.

But upon further review, the baboon is on the hood of the rear car. That’s why the primate looks much bigger than the front car. With the baboon’s arm positioned in the right place, it’s an illusion that he’s about to smash the vehicle. Instead, he’s a relatively harmless primate.

Split Second Wave

It takes so much skill for a photographer to take a close-up picture of a wave at the right second to create a picture like this that one would almost assume it’s been photoshopped. But this photo is the real deal, making it look like the foam of an early-morning ocean wave is frozen in time.

It’s almost as if the wave has formed in a way that it’s purposefully creating shelter for the baby turtle. That way, it’s safe from any birds that might want to swoop down and take it.

Purple and Gold

There’s no way that two such drastically different colors of wheat could co-exist right next to each other, right? The contrast is so stunning and beautiful that it’s hard to imagine this occurring naturally.

However, this photo is 100% real and 100% spectacular. Of course, the farmer in charge of this land deserves all of the credit. Somehow, there has been no cross-pollination between the gold and the lavender, allowing for this amazing photo to be taken.

Souls Fall into the Underworld

Let’s be honest, this photo is so frightening that it’s hard not to think that someone created it as a sick joke. The fact that there is a person standing on top of all of this with a smile on her face doesn’t help. Surely, she was cropped out of a happier photo and placed here.

However, this isn’t actually a pile of bodies about to fall into Hades, the Greek underworld. It’s just dried lava near the mouth of a volcano. The woman is probably a scientist or volcano enthusiast who’s excited to be there, even if the photo itself doesn’t look like a happy occasion.

San Francisco Fog Ship

How can you look at this picture and not think that there’s a ship floating in the clouds? Frankly, it almost looks like a ghost ship that’s appeared out of the blue and also has the ability to fly.

But the shocking truth is that this isn’t even a ship and there is no water in this picture. This is actually the top of the Sutro Tower in San Francisco. The city’s fog is covering up the rest of the TV and radio lattice tower, and when that happens, the top of the tower is easy to confuse with the top of an old-timey ship.

Fireproof Road

Most of us recognize that when wildfires start raging it can be hard to stop them. That’s why it’s hard to believe that a fire could be stopped in its tracks by a few feet of road.

On the left, there is a forest that’s been completely devastated. Meanwhile, on the right side, there is a forest that’s thriving and beautiful. It’s a rather revealing dichotomy about the danger of forest fires, so in a way, it’s a good thing that this photo is real.

One Weird Sunflower

This picture is essentially the sunflower version of Where’s Waldo. On the other hand, the one sunflower that’s different from the rest is easy to spot, so much so that you might think that somebody photoshopped the outlier into the picture.

However, this picture is real, albeit a little confusing. Sunflowers typically face east, which is why it’s puzzling to see all but one facing in the same direction. That makes this picture a bit of a mystery but one that hasn’t been altered.

Floating Ice

There’s no way that ice could just be sitting like that, barely attached to trees, almost like small clouds floating in the air. However, we promise that this photo hasn’t been doctored at all and that this is a real phenomenon.

This area experienced a massive flood with water levels rising to the spot on the trees where the ice appears. It got cold enough for the surface water to freeze, which is why it’s hanging on the trees like that after the rest of the water has subsided. It’s a rare occurrence, which is why you might not believe that this photo is real.

Inside of a Wave

Who among us hasn’t thought about what it looks like on the inside of a wave? That’s why our initial reaction might be to think that this photo was fabricated by someone. But we assure you that wasn’t the case.

The crazy part is the distinction between the water and the ground, not to mention the fact that this wave is about to crash on top of the photographer. Hopefully, the photographer didn’t get completely wiped out by this wave. But even if they did, it’d be totally worth it to get this photo.

A Perfect Circle

Reflective surfaces are amazing, but there’s no way this can be real. On the contrary, this is a real picture of Devil’s Bridge in Germany. From the right angle, the bridge reflects in the water to form a perfect circle.

The tiny island in the middle of the pond also looks cool in the perfect reflection. If you were rowing a canoe toward this bridge you might think that you’d be transported into a new dimension by traveling through such a picturesque circle.

Choose Your Level of Spicy

Even if you’re someone who likes eating peppers, you may not have seen one like this before. The coloring from green to yellow to orange to red is so perfect and seamless that surely only photoshop could create something like this.

It makes it seem like each little part of the pepper is a different level of spiciness from mild to crazy hot. Unfortunately, we don’t know if that’s the case. But we do know that this is a real pepper created by nature. Hopefully, someone got a chance to bite into it to test how spicy it is.

Bubbling Lake

This totally looks like a rather clever art project. Think about it, lakes don’t have bubbles like that so this must be a photoshop picture. But this is a real, unaltered picture of Abraham Lake in Albert, Canada.

Abraham Lake is a man-made lake in a mountainous area that has bacteria under the surface. When it freezes during the winter, the bacteria release methane gas, creating the bubbling effect we see in the photo. Between the unusual bubbles and the majestic mountains, this is a popular spot for tourists and photographers during the winter.

Ocean Teeth

It seriously looks like someone just traced a pattern that looks akin to sharp teeth and then made it the color of the ocean. But the reality is that the waves just happened to crash in this pattern.

This photo isn’t altered, it was just snapped at the perfect time before the short waves receded, almost giving the appearance of a small shark that has a mouth of countless sharp teeth. We also see two people walking on the beach who don’t seem bothered by the intimidating look of the ocean.

Hermit Crab Skull

Frankly, we almost wish this picture was photoshopped. On a certain level, it’s quite disturbing to see a hermit crab walking around with a human skull on its back. After all, who does the skull belong to and why was it just sitting on a beach waiting for a hermit crab to claim it?

On the other hand, it’s a testament to how resourceful hermit crabs are. When they outgrow one shell, they find a bigger one. You can’t blame this little guy for finding a good-sized skull to use. We just really want to know the backstory behind this disturbingly real photo.

A Perfect Snowflake

This snowflake is so perfect that it must have been created digitally, but that’s not the case. This snowflake is 100% real, and despite the fact that every snowflake is different, we seem to have hit the jackpot with this one.

A microscope was used to take this photo, giving us an incredibly detailed look at the snowflake. It’s so perfectly symmetrical that it’s hard to fathom this being the real thing. But we assure you this is 100% the work of Mother Nature and not a computer.

Falling From the Sky

This picture is nothing short of a work of art. It almost looks more like a painting that belongs in a museum than a photograph. But we assure you that it’s a real photograph and hasn’t been photoshopped in any way.

The colors in the sky are just magnificent. There are several colors that we rarely see in the sky, much less see them at the same time in a type of rainbow. On top of that, there’s a mysterious object emerging from the clouds and flying through the sky. We’re not even sure what it is, but it’s surely adding to the magic of his photograph.

Boat in Trouble

This is not a scene out of The Perfect Storm, nor is it a fake photograph. However, it does appear to be a boat in a little bit of trouble because that wave is massive and looks like it’s going to come crashing down on the deck.

This photo comes from the North Sea, which is an upper arm of the stormy North Atlantic. It’s not unusual to have waves there that can overwhelm ships like this, which is another way we can tell that this photo is real.

Beam of Light in the Dark Ocean

The ray of light beaming into this underwater cave looks too perfect to be real. Plus, the diver in the water looks like a perfect silhouette, so this had to be digitally manipulated in some way, right?

On the contrary, this is a real place called The Pit in Tulum, Mexico. It’s rather dark except for the one beam of light. It’s not exactly the kind of place a photographer would want to hang out for long periods, but it’s worth it to get a shot like this.

A Flower in Every Drop

This picture looks like a brilliant art project or a touching Mother’s Day card. It surely doesn’t look like something that happened naturally, but we promise that this thing is real and nature can be this beautiful at times.

There’s no way it was easy to capture a picture like this. The photographer had to be zoomed in close and get the right angle at the right time of day with the right lighting. But doesn’t knowing that a picture like this is actually real put a big smile on your face?

Seriously, This is One Photo

There’s almost no comment that we can make about this picture other than to convince you that it’s actually one picture. It looks like four separate and unrelated photographs put together, which is exactly what the photographer wants you to think.

But if you look a little closer, you’ll notice a few items that can be found in multiple quadrants of this photo, confirming that it’s the same photo. It must have taken forever to plan this out and set it up, but hopefully, it was worth it for the photographer to play a trick on all of us.