If you are a fan of Emmerdale, you will most likely remember Emily Kirk who was played by actress Kate McGregor.

She was a bit of a miss-fit that was drawn to Butch Dingle and ended up marrying him following a tragic crash he was involved with.

Their marriage was short lived as it was carried out by Butch’s hospital bedside as he hung on for life after the crash.


Butch died leaving Emily an emotional state.

Emily they met a guy called Ed whom the whole village thought was perfect for her but she didn’t feel any spark. In a shocking storyline she ended up sleeping with Paddy Kirk which led to her second proper relationship on the show.


After a load of ups and downs with Paddy, including the fostering of two children and Paddy cheating on Emily with Viv, she eventually left the show in 2005 headed for Ireland. She did return in 2006 and 2007 after leaving to train to be a vicar.


But what has actress Kate McGregor been up to since the show?

Since leaving the show, Kate has not really been on TV much at all. She has instead been focussing on her family life and raising her children.

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, she said:


“Your perspective on life changes when a little one comes along. His dad had been looking after him full-time but now he is going back to work as a teacher.

“Plus, he’ll be at school soon and I wanted to be around for that and have the energy. I was coming home exhausted and then you don’t get the best of each other.”

“I went round all the charity shops before I auditioned for Emily and it obviously paid off.”

Are there any similarities between Kate and Emily?


“With any character you diminish parts of yourself and you bring out others but I would like to think I wouldn’t have put up with what she did, especially with Viv and the way she treated her.

“She’s an old fashioned girl with old fashioned values; I’d like to think I’m modern.”