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1. Tempany Deckert- Selina Cook

Selina wasn't the brightest tool in the shed. She was was quite a ditzy character that would often find herself getting into trouble over some of the silliest things.

Tempany was on the show for four years despite being replaced by temporarily replaced by Louise Crawford in 1996.

Tempany now teaches writing courses at UCLA. She also works as a motivation speaker and has published an impressive 18 children’s books.

She is currently based in Los Angeles for most of the year for work, however, when she's not busy sharpening young minds, she's getting on with other creative projects. Tempany took some time earlier this year to appear in season 4 of FOXTEL’s prison drama Wentworth.

2. Dieter Brummer- Shane Parrish

Shane Parrish was the ultimate heartthrob. He was a reformed bad boy, who taught a group of kids that you could actually die from scratching yourself on old rust building supplies. Dieter Brummer was a teen heartthrob, like Tom Hiddleston and Justin Bieber is to teens these days.

Even a marijuana bust at the height of his fame didn’t damage his reputation, but since leaving Home and Away  Brummer has sometimes struggled to find acting work. His mum told an Australian radio station in 2007 that he worked as a window cleaner between gigs.

Thankfully for Dieter, things has picked up in recent days, with Brummer scoring a principal role in Underbelly: The Golden Mile, and even crossing over to the dark side, joining the cast of Neighbours.

3. Tristan Bancks- Tug O'Neale

Tristan Bancks played Tug O’Neale in Home and Away, however, Tristan has gone on to lead a very different life from his on-screen character.

Since leaving Home and Away Tristan has gone on to become a successful author.

He has published two popular children’s book series: Mac Slater and My Life series. Tristian was lucky enough to be shortlisted in 2015 for the Australian Prime Minister’s Literacy Awards for his novel Two Wolves.

In 2011 he teamed up with former co-star Tempany Deckert, who played Selina Cook, to co-write the young adult novel It’s Yr Life.

4. Melissa George- Angel Parrish

Melissa has had a strong acting career since she played Angel.

Melissa George made a big impact as teenage runaway Angel.

Angel went on to be one of the most influential characters on Home and Away. She was also world famous for the braided hair.

Angel and Shane got together in the show, but their love didn’t last forever. Their romance came to a tragic end when Shane collapsed and died as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Melissa George left the soap in 1996. Melissa George went on to achieve great success in Hollywood on the big and small screen. She appearing in David Lynch’s cult film Mulholland Drive, The Amityville Horror and Derailed.Most recently she has appeared in hit TV show The Good Wife.

5. Nic Testoni- Travis Nash

Nic has gone off the radar quite a bit since leaving Home and Away. He played the laid back fisherman, Travis Nash.

Nic admits that while he isn’t recognized much these days, “people tell me they’re sure they know me — they just can’t quite place where from — maybe school or work.”

Travis ended up  became a foster parent on the show “and spent a lot of time in the kitchen chopping carrots” it became clear to Nic it was time to move on from the Bay. “I wanted to try other things and move behind the camera”, Nic said.

Nic studied filmmaking in New York and returned to Austrailia to do a documentary on Aboriginal art for Austrailian TV.

He's since moved away from acting and filmmaking, but he's still in the entertainment industry on a part time basis. “I’m in sales for an events company, present a weekend radio show and I’m married with two kids. So very busy!” he said.

6. Laura Vasquez- Sarah Thompson

Sarah was one of the Bay’s most popular characters throughout her two-year run on the show.

Sarah had a series of heavy storylines which included a jealous criminal boyfriend, strict and overbearing parents, and a rather scary asthma scare that we won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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While she left a few years ago, Laura has kept reappearing throughout the years, her most recent appearance being Alf’s 60th birthday.

She now runs a successful beauty blog, but she's recently joined the Home and Away hair and makeup team.


7. Nicola Quilter- Donna Bishop

Nicola had a domestic violence storyline on the show

Donna had a rough time of it in the Bay. Donna was caught in a tug of war over her affections.

Not only that but she was also caught up in a dramatic  domestic violence storyline  with her boyfriend Andrew. It’s still one of the most shocking and dramatic storylines Home and Away have ever done.

These days Quilter makes films as well as running a small fashion label in London.

8. Matt Doran- Damian Roberts

Matt has gone on to appear in Hollywood films

Matt Doran played the nerdy Damian Roberts, son of Irene, who was unlucky in love.

Damian was a permanent resident of the “friend zone”. He was always bouncing between crushes while his mate Shane and foster-brother Jack scored all the Home and Away babes.

In reality, Doran has done quite well for himself, landing roles in The Matrix, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and The Thin Red Line.

9. Daniel Amalm- Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson, played by Daniel Amalm, had a bit of a rough time during his time in the Bay. Despite leaving the show due to personal reasons, Daniel found that he’s made a few strong friendships with his cast mates.

“I’m still in contact with Laura Vazquez who was like my big sister back then."

Daniel is now living in Norway. He’s currently working as a professional musician.

10. Isla Fisher- Shannon Reed

Isla Fisher played Summer Bay’s first feminist activist Shannon Reed. This meant Isla Fisher got the majority of the best stories during her time on the show. Since leaving, her life hasn’t slowed down one bit

She is now happily married to Sacha Baron Cohen. But she’s still acting.

She’s starred in a string of successful Hollywood comedies, you may have heard of them.  Films like, Wedding Crashers, Definitely Maybe, and Bachelorette. As well as the 2013 adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

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