Scientist Confirm That Dogs Can Detect Which People Are Untrustworthy

Scientist Confirm That Dogs Can Detect Which People Are Untrustworthy

Scientist Confirm That Dogs Can Detect Which People Are Untrustworthy

A recent study shows that dogs can analyze how reliable a person is and we want to share this information with our readers! Dogs, as real detectives, can explain to us whether or not to trust another person.

The study was conducted by Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan. The scientist and his colleagues wanted to know if a dog would trust a person who lied to it. The researchers divided the experiment into 3 parts. They wanted to know if the dog could understand whether or not the person was untrustworthy.

In the experiment, dog owners would first point to a container with food. The dog would run to it. Then, a container without food would be pointed at. The dogs were tricked and approached the container.

It’s been previously known that dogs would run to an object their owner would point at. Therefore, it has been established that dogs are able to understand human gestures in this respect. If the gestures are inconsistent, the dog can become nervous and stressed.

The third time, the dogs would not follow the pointing hand. After all, “fool me once…” right?

34 dogs took part in the experiment and they all showed the same results, according to the Animal Cognition Journal. Dogs would use their previous experience to know that a person was unreliable, and there was no winning them back. You don’t mess with a doggy’s food!

Mr. Takaoka plans to continue the experiment with wolves, since they are the closest relatives to dogs, but also have the extra factor of being undomesticated.

Members of the scientific community claim that the research has a potential implication in dogs’ behavioral studies as a whole. The study tells us that dogs prefer this world to be certain, according to John Bradshaw with the University of Bristol.

Dog behaviour is a fascinating area of study, especially for those who love pooches. Another study, reported by Neuroscience and Bio-behavioral Reviews, states that dogs clearly read the communication between their owners and strangers. The dogs showed a strong understanding of social rules, and avoided the people who mistreated their owners.

It’s also been proven before that dogs are able to read our gestures and facial expressions. They can decipher our gestures and can also decide if they want to follow social cues. So, in other words, they’re capable of being jerks, just like us! More importantly – they can also spot other jerks from a mile off.